So You Think You Know George Soros?

9 March 2017

George Soros is one of the richest men in the world. And you should know these fifteen facts about him.

Have you watched Wolves of Wall Street? The movie tells a story about the ups and downs of making hedge funding a living. Many fails, only a few succeeds. And George Soros is one of the successful few.

Born on August 12th, 1930, the Hungarian-American is now one of the giant names in investment field. He is a world-renowned investor and hedge fund manager. And he runs his own company, Soros Fund Management, which was founded in 1969.

Almost a half century of hard work brought Soros the biggest reward: wealth. But how rich is he now? And how did he get so successful? We cover all of that on this article. So, keep reading.

However, underneath his fame and wealth, there are so much more to tell. So, we cover some of his juiciest and latest controversies. As you go through each page, you’ll get to know George Soros more and more.

15. How did he start it all?

15 Things You Didn't Know about George Soros | #15. How did he start it all?
15 Things You Didn’t Know about George Soros | #15. How did he start it all? | source: nybooks.com

If you have read our article about Fifteen Richest Self-Made Billionaires who were Once Poor, you know how tough his life was.

Having to deal with a rough life in Hungary, Soros immigrated to London, England in the 1950s. He survived the life in one of the world’s most expensive cities by working as a waiter and railway porter. Then, his hard work was paid off as he managed to put himself through London School of Economics where he got a Bachelor degree of Science in philosophy.

Upon graduation, Soros found it hard to get a good job. He had to settle as a traveling salesman for retailers in Welsh. Many banks rejected his job applications until he got his break with Singer & Friedlander.

From there, Soros was suggested to apply a job in New York City. That is when his fortune through hedge fund began. He worked from one brokerage house to another and made millions of profits before finally founding his own.

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