Paul Allen probably Seller of 1963 Jet Fighter Painting Estimate $35 Million

9 November 2016

What we have here on canvas is a blurry gray jet fighter speeding up across a dull pinkish sky. However, Gerhard Richter’s Jet Fighter is no ordinary jet fighter. You will probably need at least $35 million to have it!

Gerhard Richter’s Jet Fighter painting is reminiscent of war and fear. But also it somewhat evokes a sense of adventure and excitement. Adventures of war, excitements of a young kid who witnessed the war through his own eyes.

That kid was none other than Gerhard Richter, probably the most expensive living European artist.

He later created this stunning art piece in 1963.

And now, according to Bloomberg, billionaire Paul Allen is selling Gerhard Richter’s Jet Fighter paining at auction later this month.

They say the price of the painting could fetch as much as $35 million. This huge price is apparently triple the amount Paul Allen paid for the painting in 2007.

Gerhard Richter’s Jet Fighter which is also called ‘Düsenjäger,’ belongs to a well known group of eight warplane paintings, all painted based on photographs.

These photo realistic warplane photos are in fact some of the early works of Richter, and depict the World War II era. Of these photos, four currently reside in museums, all of them in Germany.

Adventure versus Fear

Gerhard Richter’s Jet Fighter painting depicts a sense of adventure and yet a sense of fear during the Cold War era.

Growing up in the late 1930s in Dresden, Richter observed the events of World War II through the eyes of a child.

Like all kids or all boys,  Richter fantasized about adventures and excitements of war.

Richter later in 1963 depicted this excitement through the muted pink color, and also the visible lively sense that the jet fighter is speeding up.

Gerhard Richter's Jet Fighter
Jet Fighter or ‘Dusenjager’ by Gerhard Richter, 1963 | Image source: www.gerhard-richter.com

This sense of speed is heightened perfectly by the composition. For example, the nose of the plane is somewhat escaping the picture surface, which might mean the photographer took the shot hastily.

While the painting is photo realistic, it’s also active since the blurring brushwork adds a sense of speed to the jet fighter.

Overcome Fear Take Action

Dating from 1963 when people no longer talked about World War II, Gerhard Richter’s Jet Fighter seems to be a straight-faced response to the changing times.

In short, the painting gives an impression of a captured moment of joy, fear, speed, and action.

Painting Classic and Unique

While assessing the value of this unique painting, you should consider its important date, 1963.

Although Richter painted his first photo painting in 1962, it was actually in 1963 that Richter started to see himself as a Pop artist. So perhaps, this date could be considered the birth of the Pop Art.

Contemporary Art Auction

Gerhard Richter’s Jet Fighter will be leading the Phillips’ Evening Sale of 20th Century & Contemporary Art on November 16.

Richter’s photo realistic paintings of such high quality rarely hit the market. In other words, the auction offers a unique opportunity for collectors to lay their hands on such superb work.

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