Get Paid £52,000 to Post Instagram Pics While Cruising around the World!

9 January 2017

Get Paid £52,000 to Post Instagram Pics While Cruising around the World!

Ready to Get Paid £52,000 to Post Instagram Pics?

Now that you are old enough you must go and look for a job, right? Well, search no more because we found the perfect job!

With the holidays’ noise over, you can focus on what you really want like finding a good job, and/or travel the world.

What if I can tell you that there is job that combines the two things: travel and money?

There is also the reason that you might hate your job. Regardless of what reasons you might have for looking for a job, we believe this is the perfect one for you.

This job involves something we all love to do: traveling and taking awesome pictures for the Instagram account.

It turns out that you are not dreaming, and this job really exists. A cruise company is willing to give you the opportunity to do what you love!

We are talking about cruise company called Royal Caribbean, the one that posted a message through its UK Instagram looking for someone to take a three-week ‘intern-ship’. Get it?

I don’t know if another opportunity like this one is going to cross our paths, but if you want, you can take advantage of it!

Royal Caribbean Cruise ships are offering an insanely lucky person, the bizarre chance to win the opportunity to work for them.

The job requires you to take three photos a day, upload them to Instagram, relax on the beautiful Caribbean sands and well, get paid for the luxury.

They ask that the photos cover three things a day which include, a view, an ‘extraordinary’ experience and an ‘extraordinary’ person – all of which can be found on either board or out on your travels.

The lucky person must also attend at least three trips on the Caribbean islands or nine from the full itinerary.

While they’re on board, the lucky explorer must use their Instagram posts to encourage other users to engage with the content and make suggestions on the trips and visits they should make on the different islands.

Get Paid £52,000 to Post Instagram Pics While Cruising around the World!
Get Paid £52,000 to Post Instagram Pics While Cruising around the World! |via: mirror.co.uk|

The final task is to make a video showcasing the experience, which for £52,000 salary isn’t that much of a trouble.

Royal Caribbean’s UK Managing Director, Ben Bouldin, explained why they want to offer this life-time opportunity.

He said:

    Our cruise holidays are filled with extraordinary moments and we want to find a talented storyteller who can help us capture the unique experiences that make holidays so special.

All you have to do is log in to Instagram and post your best travel picture, tagging @RoyalCaribbeanUk and hashtag it #ExtraordinaryExplorer.

What do you say? You ready to Get Paid £52,000 to Post Instagram Pics? There isn’t much  you need to do. I, personally, will try and submit one of my pictures. What do you say? You want to join me? Let me see your best travel pictures!