Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women’s Fashion

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Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women’s Fashion

Only 21 years old, Cara Delevingne is a fashion icon in all its definitions! Even though her look and style are a bit more unusual, she rocks the shows on fashion runways!

With her blonde hair and her trademark bushy eyebrows, Cara is now the idol of millions of girls.

Delevingne was the face of Burberry’s spring/summer 2012 campaign and has represented many famous brands such as Zara, Chanel, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce and Gabanna and many others. In 2012 and 2013 she also modelled for Victoria’s Secret.

But enough with the talking, and more with the viewing, right? Let’s see how we can Get The Cara Delevingne Look!

Keep it Rock and Roll

Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women's Fashion

Cara is known for her tomboy rock and roll style even when she is wearing a dress. With low cuts and accessorized with spikes, she can be both a lady and a rock queen when she wants to! So do not think that lady-like is all pink and glitter and go for the luxurious biker-chick look you have always secretly wanted to try.

Red lips

Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women's Fashion

We all know red lips and black eye liner is the best combination, but if you keep the rest of the make-up natural, your lips will make you stand out of the crowd. Just add a bit of blush and some traces of eye shadow and you’re good to go and looking just like Cara!

Bold eyebrows

Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women's Fashion

Stop plucking those eyebrows and leave them natural! Look how amazing they look on Cara! If you want them darker just add some eyebrow shadow or pencil to give them a bit of depth. You can keep the rest of the make-up more natural by adding eye shadow.


Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women's Fashion
Hats, hats, and once again hats! Cara is a big fan of them. Even if it’s a beanie, a cap or just a random hat, it will give that boyish look the model has got us used to.

Hair bands

Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women's Fashion

Chic is what we’re talking about here. If you want to stand out and go for a fashionable look, choose a coloured hair band and have fun with it! It will make your outfit fun and girly in a second.


Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women's Fashion
Curls have never let us down, did they? Get The Cara Delevingne Look (the more feminine side of it) with some wavy curls. Add some texture to your hair and enjoy a nice day of spring.

Stylish black dress

Get The Cara Delevingne Look | Women's Fashion

Forget about the usual type of little black dress and go for more! Dear to wear lace and a low cut sexy dress to make your look stylish and sexy in the same time!

What do you think of Cara’s style? How would you get the Cara Delevingne look?

We hope you enjoyed our article and do not forget to share so your friends will know how to get Cara Delevingne’s look!

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