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22 March 2014

Giant Human Hamster Wheel House

Ever been at home and felt your head is spinning for no reason? Well I am pretty sure it was not for the same reason these 2 New York artists might feel that way.

Why, you wonder? Because they live in a Giant Human Hamster Wheel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Two performance artists, Ward Shelley, 63, and Alex Schweder, 43, are working, sleeping and eating in a giant human hamster wheel for 10 days, as part of an interesting project.

Their idea is to make a statement about the daily life, where people have to work together and support each other.

The Giant Human Hamster Wheel is constructed by the two men out of wood and steel, and it has 25-foot diameter.

The performance is called “In Orbit” and it’s aimed to emphasize the interactions and collaborations between people and promote to sustainable living.

Giant Human Hamster Wheel House

The Giant Human Hamster Wheel House is designed in such way that one of the two artists is living in the interior, and the other one on the exterior of the wheel.

In order to move, Shelley and Schweder have to be in perfect balance and walk in opposite ways at the exact same speed and in the exact same time.

Giant Human Hamster Wheel House

180 degrees in opposition to each other, the two artists have all the basics they need in the Giant Human Hamster Wheel: beds, desks, chairs, toilet, mini kitchen and a fridge.

In order to access one of these, Shelley and Schweder have to carefully make the wheel rotate, so they would not be thrown out of it.

Schweder says:

“It’s really an exploration of what it means to collaborate”

Giant Human Hamster Wheel House

The two of them argue that sleeping is their refuge, because having to be so careful about their moves all the time is stressing.

“There’s psychological pressure here being in this thing so when you get to sleep it’s easy to stay there.”

Giant Human Hamster Wheel House

“It’s an exploration of trust between two people.”

Giant Human Hamster Wheel House

The wheel will remain on view until 5th of April.

Let’s now watch a video on how the wheel moves and some insights from the artists!

 This was The Giant Human Hamster Wheel House!

What do you think about this amazing project named “In Orbit”? Would you give it a try?

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