15 Powerful Goals to Set for 2021

10 January 2021

Make Your 2021 All About Development and Positive Changes

Hello Aluxers, welcome back to the Sunday Motivational Article – damn it feels great to say that again! We’re super excited to be back with this special segment about goals!

2020 has been a wake-up year!

It forced everyone to realise just how fragile their livelihood is.

You know what they say:

First time is an accident, the second time is a choice!

That’s why today we’re helping you set up some personal goals for this year.

Before we begin the list: grab a piece of paper and a pen. We want you to write these goals down and next to each one – write down how it specifically translates to your reality.

At the end of the year we’ll check the list and you’ll be amazed by what happens.

As always, here’s the video version of this article:

With that said, Let’s get started! Here are 15 powerful goals to set for 2021!


Grow Your Income by at Least 50%

People who set themselves to goals worth 10X their income are delusional or are doing absurdly low numbers in the first place.

For those of you who are already matured in your journey, 50% is more than a far fetched goal that will require you to expand your skill set. Why? Because if you’ve been working normally, you don’t have 50% more work time, so you can’t simply brute force your way into this goal.

Sure, it will require you to be more organised, to plan things better, probably work a bit more, but the difference this jump in earnings will make in your life will be astounding.

Personally, 50% is our go to growth metric, when it comes to medium to big numbers.

Write down on your piece of paper how much money you made last year and what a 50% growth would look like. Write it down!

Now that you have your number, it’s up to you to break that down into what it will take specifically to get to it.


Develop a New Revenue Stream That Has the Potential to Grow

A lot of people were hurt last year because they simply put all their eggs in one basket. Don’t be like those people.

If you want to be financially free, it should be one of our goals to develop a new revenue stream every 3 years and take the time between each to build them up. Once you have a couple of them up and running, focus on those that are bringing up the most revenue or have the longest long term potential.

A high income can make you rich, but multiple revenue streams will make you wealthy!

The biggest mistake people make when deciding to go for a new revenue stream is that they expect it to bring in similar money to what they’re making from their current job or business. This is not the case.

We said it once and we’ll say it again:

$100 in passive income is worth more than $1000 of worked income!


Clean Your House – Literally & Metaphorically

Clutter is slowing you down. You own too much.. you try and do too much.. and you’re not making any real progress. This needs to change.

When you’re poor you believe that if you have more stuff you are richer and it takes going through the entire journey for you to realise that you’ve had it backwards.

The stuff you own ends up owning you.. because stuff requires time and effort.

Here’s a simple example to drive this point across. 1 stock isn’t worth much.. but if it’s by itself in the middle of the room, you still have to stop what you’re doing, pick it up.. figure out where its pair is or at least make the decision what to do with it. This 1 sock just took minutes out of your life and brain power.

Extrapolate this to your entire existence and suddenly you realise just how little of your time you spent on yourself and how much goes to just moving shit around. Ask any mother and she’ll tell you just how much effort and time goes into keeping a house in order.

Begin with your actual house, set things in order, fix the stuff that needs fixing or replace it if you can afford it. Once you’re done in the physical, declutter your schedule and your mind.

One of our personal goals we set for ourselves for the next 24 months is to have:

Twice as much money but only half the possessions!


Automatize or Outsource a Time Consuming Task

Last year you did a bunch of repetitive and boring work. It’s time to find someone to take this burden off your shoulders.

If you believe your ability exceeds your current existence, it is time to start building around that.

You can’t be a one man show and expect the results an entire team can provide!

This is because you as an individual are very limited: you can’t be in two places at once and no matter how hard you work, you only have 24h in a day.

Learn to use leverage!

10 people in your team will grow those 24h into 240.

The only thing better than hiring people is automatizing repetitive tasks. As much as you’d like, nobody will work 24h every day.. but software will, bots will.. and this is the age we’re living in.


Learn 1 New Skill That Brings Value to Your Life

If you’re gonna make the most out of this year we strongly recommend you sets goals to update your skill-set. Don’t push yourself to learn too many things.. just 1 skill is more than enough to compound over the rest of your life.


Skills compound over the course of your life!

Once you master a skill nobody can take it away from you and you will reap its benefits over and over again.

Here are the 3 game-changer skills we found in our journey:

  1. Sales & Negotiation
  2. Meditation
  3. Growth over consistency mental-models

We always recommend you think about the long term. If this year you can implement one thing that will carry interest over the next couple of years this will prove to be one of the best decisions you can make.

It is the exact reason why we’re building our learning platform: we want you to be able to master skill on demand. Just pick and choose what long term skill you want to master and we’ll provide you with everything you need.

You can check them out here.


Travel to 1 New Country

For us, travel has a magical property: it allows our mind to expand and when that happens, so do our goals.

That’s why we so strongly recommend you pick one country you’ve never been to before and go there. We know covid has drastically limited your travel ability, but in our experience we found that travel is a lot more convenient right now: prices are lower than usual, less tourists around and the safety measure set in place are beyond what you’re getting at your local shopping mall.

The added benefit is that it allows you to reflect on your life and indulge yourself in new cultures.

Travel and travel far!

Talk to people, listen to their stories and you will grow every day you spend away from your comfortable but boring life.

Pick a country you’ve always wanted to travel to and write it down. After this video, figure out how much flights would cost and pick a cool looking airbnb that you would love to stay in while away. That’s how desires turn into plans!


Add a New Piece to Your Network Puzzle

Relationships matter.. a lot.

We are quickly moving towards an “inner circle” type of society.

Basically, if you’re in the right crowd, you will do well; otherwise you’re gonna have to figure it out on your own.

Before the end of the year make it a priority to have a new valuable contact. You don’t need to force it, but position yourself in a way where this kind of outcome might be predictable.

Events aren’t happening, but this doesn’t stop you from networking online.

Here’s a challenge: find 10 people you consider inspiring and follow them on social media – see what their lives are like. Even if they don’t engage back with you, you are still getting an insider’s perspective into things that you find valuable.

Everybody says making new friends is difficult, because they all expect david dobrik and their gang to show up at your doorstep and make you part of their crew, but that’s not how friendships are built.

It’s all about being in the right place at the right time and if all you do is stay inside, you’re gonna keep getting the same “Inside-type” of results.


Read 1 Book More Than You Did in 2020

Rich people read. You want to be rich, you should be able to do it as well.

How many books did you read last year? You can be honest with yourself. We’re not gonna tell you to read 30 books, because such goals are ineffective. Just try to beat your own past performance.

Here’s how we think about it:

Books are windows to the future through a lense of the past!

We’re reaping benefits now, of books we read 5-10 years ago.

You never know how one book could end up having a butterfly effect on your existance. A single idea you get from a book, podcast or course could dramatically change your life.

If you’re the type to listen to books, sign up at audible using our link. If you do, our friends at audible will give you one audiobook for free if this is the first time you sign up.

Can’t decide which books to read? Here are 15 Books Bill Gates Thinks Everyone Should Read.


Cut Your Social Media Consumption by 20%

At the end of the year we checked our screen time in the apple settings and we were shocked. Yes our business is digital so it requires us to spend more time online than most, but it’s shocking just how much time is spent on social networks or playing repetitive games on your phone.

The truth is:

The more time you spend on social media, the unhappier and more anti-social you become!

What we found most valuable is removing accounts that we considered eye-candy and replacing them with people that inspire usand art.

Now when we go on social media it makes us think and thinking makes us better – basically turning everything we consume into a mental gym.

This allowed us to spend less time on these super addictive platforms and more time in the present and we can’t begin to tell you how amazing it feels to live your life instead of looking at life through the filtered lense other people are feeding you.


Quit One Bad Habit

This is a common mistake people make. They begin the year with 20-30 goals. Go to the gym, quit smoking, make money, find a partner, learn to play guitar, invest in crypto or real-estate and by the time february rolls around you realise it’s just gonna be like a re-run of last year.

When you look at your life, what is one bad habbit that brings you the biggest dissatisfaction? Take this moment in time to identify it. Most likely you will probably find more than one, write all of them down.

Looking at this list, which one would have the highest positive impact on your existence if it was no longer part of your life?

That’s the one you NEED to go after. Leave the rest as they are, don’t try to do all of them, focus on the one habit.

There are other people who have managed to quit what you’re trying to quit, so find them, see what worked for them and figure out what will work for you.

Stop spending so much money, stop eating so much unhealthy food, quit an addiction.. the long term return of this decision will pay off a hundred fold if you get this right,

Everybody says they’re looking to invest in themselves, well, this is your opportunity to do just that!


Make 1 Long Term Investment

If you could take just a part of your income and have it safely growing for you for the future, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to do it, this year more so than ever.

Such goals might seem overwhelming at first and even somewhat confusing, but everything seems like that in the beginning. You just google and learn the basics. Then you build on top of that knowledge before you’re ready to pull the trigger.

We purchased property that will provide passive income well into the lives of our grandchildren.

We purchased stocks and placed money in index funds that will allow money to grow for us in the next decade.

We purchased Bitcoin that will remain untouched until our children will be mature.

Speaking of Bitcoin: in December we launched our premium course: Bitcoin Essential where in just a couple of hours we teach you everything you need to get started with Bitcoin and safely store it for the long run. Those who purchased the course and invested in the 1 week our doors were open have more than doubled their investment in less than 2 months. The waiting list for our next open doors is here.

It’s inaction that is expensive!

So make the long term investment now, otherwise you’ll keep paying more and more.


Find One New Person That Inspires You

You might not find a mentor for a while, but if you’re disciplined you don’t need a mentor: you need a hero, someone that inspires you and you look up to.

Study them, see what they are doing, what they are interested in and what moves they’re making.

We live in the golden age of content, so it’s highly likely they showed up on a podcast somewhere or did a video interview. This is highly expensive quality education that you’re getting for FREE.

We love finding people that inspire us, because they’ve spend money and their whole lives learning the things you now have access to.

You are what what you consume!


Manage Stress

We can all agree that 2020 has been a highly stressful year to the point where it felt more like several years than just one.

This made us pay closer attention to our stress levels, work volume and health.

One day you’re stressed about a random work related issue and the next day the government tells everybody they can’t leave their homes or see their relatives. It just puts everything into perspective, especially when you have other people depending on you.

Stress management should become a priority for everyone of you.

The formula we found works best for us is made up of 3 elements:

  1. Stop overscheduling our calendar – we paretto’d once again our calendars
  2. The body needs to feel refreshed through physical exercise and what we eat
  3. Meditation and Mindfulness

All these combined keep us moving forward without feeling like we’re going insane.

You don’t need to become a monk or a gym-junkie, you just need to pay a bit more attention to these.

As for those of you who feel like you need some help on the meditation end, we have a course called Mind Mastery will help you get from newbie to a daily practice in 21 days. We know.. shameless plug, but these courses allow us to keep our daily content free.


Make It a Priority to Give Back/Help Someone Else

A year should never go by without you having a positive impact on someone else.

Here’s something we discovered first hand:

Whatever you give will be returned 10 fold in the next few years!

Everytime we gave, the market/god/universe – whatever you like to call it, gave us even more. It’s like the top management of the universe figured out we’re good on the distribution of good fortune and chooses you as the middleman.

Give money, give time, give love, just give..

Also, there’s the hidden arbitrage of happiness: sometimes, very little effort on your end will create a lot of happiness for someone else. When the cost is lower than the outcome you end up with happiness-profit, so do it often.


Family First

Family should always come first, even in your goals list. Coronavirus killed more people in the last 9 months than the flu killed in the last 10 years. If your family survived it without casualties, you might not realise just how blessed and fortunate you are.

Spend more time with those you love and make it a priority to come together more.

Listen more than you talk, make plans together and allow your relationship to blossom.

The mental advantage a loving family brings to the table is incredible. It also serves as a strong support system and safety net in case things go sideways.

All of these are incredibly powerful goals to set for yourself and we truly hope that most of you will check off at least some of them off the list before this new year comes to a close.


Which of these will you make your priority? We can’t wait to hear from you in the comments.