Standing Face to Face with the Goddess of Perversion | Secrets of Eva

25 March 2015

For those of you who have no idea where they arrived, if you want any of this to make sense, start with me from the beginning.

At that point I really had to get used to those kind of situations, so I got over his words quickly and enjoyed an amazing breakfast on the terrace with him.

I have to say, that was the first time he surprised me. A good couple of hours held us there, we talked about everything that crossed our minds and he was a truly brilliant man. He even made me laugh that morning…I couldn’t even remember at that point the sound of my laughter. Even if there was a silent war going on between us I couldn’t help but admire him, he was after all a fascinating man.

Meanwhile he even changed his mind and decided to take me out that day on a tour around the city and go with me shopping for that night’s event. He said he knew exactly what had to dress my body that night and I couldn’t argue with him, everything was a total blur for me, I had no idea where I was about to arrive that evening.

So here we were, a few hours later heading off to the city in our private car. We went back to the exactly same store the driver took me on the first day I entered this new rich world. Only this time, when they saw David there wasn’t a single awkward look on their faces. There were only smiles and compliments greeting us.

David took the woman in charge of the staff to have a private discussion with while I was waiting for him in the dressing room area and in about ten minutes he was right there with me with a dress in his hands:

Here, this is what you’re wearing tonight. It will imprison your body like poetry.

See, these were the kind of moments that drew me next to him. Behind all that stone cold cover, there was a human being. A human being thirsty for beauty in a way or another. Anyway, he handed me a black body-conscious strappy dress. It had the craziest cut outs and was made entirely out of bandages that wrapped my body in a perverse way. But he was right, there was a scent of poetry there. It was the feeling that dress gave me, how it caged my body, but still let me be completely free.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to feel ashamed to wear that piece that was quite revealing, but the feeling it gave me when I got inside of it cleared my conscience in a blink of an eye. Even more questions popped in my head then: where the Hell am I going tonight wearing this?

We eventually got back to the apartment and finished the preparations for the big night. David got inside a slick black tuxedo, leaving his dizzily fragrance scent behind him. To be honest, for two people with a sick relationship we looked flawless together, especially that night.

We left the apartment and got in the car. The chauffeur headed downtown and I think he drove for a good twenty-something minutes until we arrived at the destination. I didn’t even realize at first that was the destination as we stopped in a back alley. I saw David getting out of the car and I wasn’t sure if I should follow him or wait quietly in the car. Honestly, all I was thinking was that I was about to be caught in a dark illegal affair, you know those kind of deals that happen in back alleys in the movies all the time. Oh, so silly of me.

But David opened the door for me and offered his hand to help me get out of the car. What can I say, even in a grotesque back alley he was still a gentleman.  I got out of the car and I was feeling sick to my stomach, I had no idea what was going on so I had to ask:

What’s going on, where are we?

Exactly where we’re supposed to be.

Great. I don’t know why I even bothered to ask, I was already used to his deviant answers that drove me crazy.

He led me to a massive door made out of black iron, I didn’t even noticed it until he faced me towards it. He made a short call and the doors opened immediately to an even more obscure area. At that point I was sincerely afraid to take any further step.

David looked at me with confidence, handed me a mask and for some reason I really trusted the man so I put the black mask on my face and followed his steps closely. He took me through a dark corridor until we reached the main room where everything happened and my legs froze.

We were in the middle of a huge room that looked like some sort of dungeon with diamond-tufted red leather walls, naked women walking around with chains hanging around their breasts in a dim light, all concentrated in an image that was both scary and arousing. I looked at David confused and asked:

Where are we precisely?

This, baby, is the real party that happens behind closed doors. This is the most exclusive and luxurious BDSM event in the city that happens every year, but very few people know about what’s going on here.

Two men came to take our coats, but I couldn’t pay attention to them, I was completely absorbed by what was happening before my eyes. You couldn’t see a single face there and those dim lights and the crowd of masked people gave me an even more chilly feeling.

But beside all the naked women in chains serving drinks through the crowd and receiving a hard hit from time to time with a whip, I was in shock from the pieces spread across the room. There was everything you could’ve possibly think of: a huge bondage chair, a vertical bondage pole, a steel black suspension frame, a leather upholstered spanking bench with red velvet storage compartment, black leather accessories hanging from the ceiling and in every corner of the room there was a fetters puppy cage with naked men and women in chains and latex masks. To my horror, on the right side of the room there was a small corridor that led to an actual prison cell equipped with a single bed and a steel toilet and of course, a slave isolated inside.

Standing Face to Face with the Goddess of Perversion | Secrets of Eva

But the main attraction of the room was something else, something more disturbing than anything I’ve seen before. In the middle of the area was a huge Goddess throne made from dark lacquered wood and black leather and a woman, which seem to be the main guest of the evening, was sitting on it wearing nothing but a pair of X nipple pasties. But that wasn’t the problem, not even close, the disturbing part is that masked men were actually standing in line to kneel in front of her and lick her feet. It was un-fucking-believable.

I took David by the hand and asked him what was the deal with the woman on the throne and he explained it to me just like that:

She’s a goddess indeed, the most wanted dominatrix in town.

It wasn’t long until she noticed us and the way I was staring at her. She stood up, got her feet in a pair of sky-high stilettos and started walking towards me. I felt my knees getting weak and I wanted to grab David, but he was no longer beside me. For some reason I started panicking and I couldn’t see anything else in the room. I was standing there, alone in the middle of this freak show with their goddess slowly approaching me.

She stopped in front of me, only few inches far, opened her fleshy lips and said:

So you’re the one now.

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