10 Things We Are Grateful for This Year

24 December 2020

Finding the Good in the Bad Is the Mark of an Optimist. If You Can Catch All the Good That Happened This Year.. You’ve Won the Game.

Well Aluxers, the holidays are finally here. Hopefully, you guys managed to pull through this weird year. We want to end this one on a positive note. With so many things happening around us, we can lose focus on what’s important and what you should be grateful for.

We went around and asked our Alux team what they are grateful for so here it is.

10 things we here at Alux are grateful for in 2020.

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Here’s something you can be grateful for – not having to read this long listicle. Switch to a fun YouTube upload instead:

With that said, let’s start with this year’s number one blessing.


Frontline/Essential Staff

From doctors, nurses, janitors, people restocking shelves, people making deliveries. They all made this year bearable. They were the ones pulling night shift after night shift and getting burned out on a daily.

Hopefully this is a wake up call for everybody.
Sometimes, the thing that matters the most, gets unnoticed.

While the whole world was on hold, they had to keep going, putting their lives and their families lives in danger.

There isn’t enough we can say about it.
Thank you for being there.


Our Teachers

This year really tested how well we can adapt. And who adapted more than the teachers, especially the ones in areas with poor internet connection.

Most of them had to figure out how to keep doing their job on their own, and a lot of communities came together to make sure everyone has access to education.


Our Network of Friends

Having good people to chill out with in a video call after a long day meant a lot for some  of us.  Before all, we are social beings and we need to be social, even if that means yelling at each other in Among Us.

Having a good network of friends really helped us stay grounded and keep going.

Having a healthy support system goes a long way, especially in a year like this. Here are 10 Reasons Friends Are Worth More than Money.


Our Pets

Some of us have pets and some of us got pets this year and let me tell you, you can’t be sad while petting a puppy.

It’s amazing how much enjoyment you get out of taking care of your pet.
And this year, our pets were the happiest since we got the hang out with them 24/7.

They truly absorbed a lot of tears, listened to many worries and provided physical comfort, and emotional support , even though they may not realize it.


The Internet

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the internet.

From getting informed, to keeping in touch with the family, to doing our jobs, all was possible because technology.
And while it’s important to disconnect and recharge, the internet is pretty much the foundation of our times.
We kinda take it for granted but imagine 2020 without the internet.
A lot of people got to keep their jobs because of the internet.
A lot of people got new jobs because of the internet.
And ultimately, a lot of lives were saved because of the internet.

Everything from getting the word out and educating people about the virus, to staying connected and helping us stay sane, the internet is 2020’s MVP.


Being Healthy

Fortunately, we’re all in good shape and we managed to pull through this year with no major hiccups.

You really can’t take health for granted and this year showed us that it must be a top priority.


Mental Health Professionals

Not everyone has this luxury, unfortunately, but mental health professionals are coming in clutch for a lot of people this year.

Life is hard in general, growing up and realizing how & why you became the version of yourself that you are and what that means moving forward, all of that is tough enough… throwing a global health crisis/pandemic into the mix is like a cruel joke – but mental health professionals (be it counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, etc) are saving lives right now, too.



This year, more than ever, we’re given an opportunity to appreciate artists and creators in a different way. Their industries are some of the hardest hit; they get overlooked so often in stimulus check and financial aid programs – but during a year when we’ve been stuck at home, we’ve never had such a high demand for their work.


That We Get to Do This

Honestly, we are truly grateful we get to have this job.
We worked our asses off this year and we are pretty proud of what we managed to achieve.

With all that’s happening, we are super fortunate to get to do this.


You Guys

And ultimately, we are grateful for you guys, the true Aluxers.
The ones who have been with us since day one, and the ones who joined the ride later on. Your messages and emails mean a lot to us and it helps us push forward.

We are really proud of the Alux community and we can’t wait to show you guys what we have planned for next year!
Thank you for watching our content and being part of this amazing journey!

So, with all this said, what are you grateful for this year? Let us know in the comments.

Happy holidays, Aluxers!