15 Things About the Great Reset

26 February 2021

Want to Know What the Great Reset Is? Read on to Find Out 15 Facts About It.

If you’re looking for another conspiracy theory video, this isn’t it. What we’re going to be focussing on here are facts about the great reset — not wild speculation. 

It’s appeared in thousands Twitter hashtags, it’s been trending on Facebook and YouTube – and on sites known for more extremist views. And with many of those posts containing some pretty far-out claims, it’s easy to lose sight of what the Great Reset actually is. Which is why we thought we’d focus on that today.

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Without wasting more time, let’s move on to the article.


It’s a Proposal by the World Economic Forum to Make Business Fairer and Greener

Cut out all the hype and conspiracy theories, and that’s what it is. A proposal by the World Economic Forum — that’s the organization of business leaders who meet up in Davos every year. According to their mission statement they aim to “improve the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas”. 

In May 2020 they published an article arguing that the pandemic provided an opportunity to reset and reshape the global economy in a way that works better for people and for the planet. To reduce poverty. To make sure tech gets used so everyone can benefit. And to make industry greener. And the title was the Great Reset.

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Some Healthy Skepticism Is Justified

To be fair, you don’t have to be a tin-foil-hat wearing nut-job to be a little skeptical about it. Sure, the aims sound great. But, as a lot of people have reasonably pointed out, the WEF is an exclusive club of super-wealthy business leaders. Their membership costs north of $67 000 a year — yep, it’s THAT exclusive. 

Not that we’re criticizing them for being rich — sure it’s not like us to do that at Alux. But when it comes to talking about how the world’s going to go forward, it’s fair to be a little concerned that, well — the WEF are pretty far from representative of the world’s population.

And that just maybe, their stated mission to fix those problems could be more about repairing their own image, after effing up the environment in the first place. 

Sounds a little left-wing for a luxury channel like Alux? Well, even Forbes agrees. Check out  John Mauldin’s article, where he says Great Reset probably won’t actually do very much, but is ‘more likely, … , another example of wealthy, powerful elites saving their consciences with faux efforts to help the masses’. 


But Some Theories About It Go Far Beyond Fact

Like we said – being skeptical of the WEF is fair enough. But when anti-lockdown protesters and bloggers start talking about a global elite using the pandemic to roll our radical policies — like forced vaccinations, digital ID cards, and even giving up private property. Well, you’re free to say those things — but if you want us to take you seriously, at least give us some evidence. 

Like claims the virus doesn’t even exist. Well, healthcare professionals kinda disagree with you on that one — and we think that of all people, they should know. 

Or that vaccines contain microchips to keep track of you. HELLO!!?? Those already exist … like, in your phone. 

Or that face masks secretly contain antennas to force 5G onto us, which by the way is going to enslave us all? 5G in your facemask!!?? Good luck using it to download a cat video!

Theories like these often talk about the Great Reset as an attempt to reorganize the world economy at the expense of ordinary people, and create a totalitarian regime — while pretending to do the opposite. 

And what makes them so far-out isn’t that they sound — well, far-out. But simply that they don’t have a shred of evidence to back them up.  


… but More and More People Are Taking Them Seriously

The worrying thing is, theories like these aren’t limited by a few loons on the fringes of society. They’re becoming more and more widespread. 

Point in case —  in October last year, a survey found that an alarming number of people believe the Covid-19 fatality rate has been greatly exaggerated, and either believed that it was either created on purpose, has killed far fewer people than reported, or just plain doesn’t exist. 38% of Americans believed that, and so did  28% of Germans. Countries with even higher figures include Greece, where 46% suspect it’s a hoax, and Nigeria, where that figure’s 59%.  


Theories Like These Spread Fast on the Internet

And they’re being spread from people by all corners — some which you wouldn’t really expect. 

Like an archbishop. The Anti-Defamation League mentions conspiracy theories spread by Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who wrote back in October that ‘A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations.’ 

Or conspiracy theorist Spiro Skouras, who believes the WEF engineered a global conspiracy to do all kinds of sinister things, like fusing humans with machines, to create a class of servants for the global elite. 

And even more alarming, the message gets mixed into hate speech, as anti-seimitic websites link theories of global domination with a Jewish agenda to get rich from a global catastrophe. 


… and Ideas Like These Go Back Back to Well Before the Pandemic

Hear about the theories about so-called reptilians? Yep, theories like those are coming into the mix here. Just in case you haven’t heard that one, it’s the idea that many world leaders are in fact blood-drinking, flesh eating lizards disguised as humans, and that they’ve been doing this kind of thing for a long time — like they engineered 9/11.

We know a lot of you have heard this one before — but if you haven’t we promise we didn’t make it up, check on this link. 

Apparently Hilary Clinton, and the entire the British Royal family. If you’ve ever had a crush on Prince William or Harry, or any of the others — apparently you’ve had a crush on a reptile!! Right… 


The WEF Doesn’t Even Have Any Authority Over Governments

Keep in mind, if you’re making claims about how the WEF is taking over the world, the fact is, they can’t just tell governments what to do. 

Unlike, say, the UN or the IMF, which are made up of governments who have to play by the rules that are set, The WEF isn’t like that. It is basically a club of super-rich people, who come up with ideas. And yes, they do have influence. But despite what some people think, they can’t, and don’t simply order governments what to do.


The Theories Really Started When Justin Trudeau Mentioned the Word ‘Reset’ at the UN. 

When the WEF first mentioned the Great Reset in May, it didn’t even cause that much of a buzz. November was when the theories really took off, when Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau made a speech at the United Nations, and used the ‘R’ word, causing Twitter to go insane. 

Things he actually said were “the pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset”, 

 and “This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.” 

To be honest, sounds kinda reasonable. But somehow, it led to the Great Reset trending on Twitter, with 80 000 tweets in a single day. A lot of those tweets claimed that Trudeau is somehow at the bidding of the WEF in their plan for world domination. Which seems — quite a bit less reasonable. Especially if they’re basing it entirely on Trudeau choosing to use the word ‘reset’ — not exactly an uncommon word.


The Great Reset Does Actually Have Some Pretty Bad PR

Which is surprising when you consider how much funds the WEF have to spend on it. A lot of people pointed out the videos do come across as kind of cheesy. And even hypocritical — as the WEF are big business, and at least partly to blame for the problems they’re talking about. 

And the video has Prince Charles doing the commentary on the video. Sure to get the  tin-foil-hat-brigade talking – they’re already convinced he’s a reptilian. 

The point is — bad PR is never a good thing — but it’s unfortunate that in this case, it’s led to more people believing some totally unfounded theories.


The Great Reset Is Big on Green Infrastructure Investments    

OK, let’s get back to what the Great Reset actually says. 

Even if it’s long and confusing, probably the biggest point that it makes is that we need to encourage green investments . Specifically, when governments make a recovery stimulus — in other words, print a load of money to make handouts and keep the economy going — those handouts have to include green conditions. 

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It’s Also Big on Carbon Pricing Cutting Down on Emissions

We believe that anything that leads to less reliance on oil, coal and gas for energy, and less emissions being pumped into the atmosphere has got to be a good thing — and it’s got to happen sooner or later. And it’s another big point the WEF make in the Great Reset.

It’s also true that if you’ve convinced there’s a global conspiracy behind the coronavirus, then you’re probably easy to convince that global warming isn’t a thing. Hint — listen to the climate scientists — 97% of them say global warming is happening.   


The Great Reset Is Big on the Fourth Industrial Revolution           

In other words, AI and the Internet of Things — retraining and upskilling in these is another pillar of the Great Reset. And the way these technologies are developing, these kinds of changes are sure to happen. Some jobs, like shop staff, are going to become obsolete, while others, like AI programmers are going to take off exponentially.

Which means that a suggestion like this makes perfect sense. Not that you should read into it some wacky theory about elites creating a race of cyborgs. 


It’s Also Big on Remote Work

The Great Reset says that the future of work is largely remote. And that we need to make sure the technology is in place to speed up the transition from working in offices to remote. Again, hard to argue with. 

The pandemic has shown us that we don’t need to spend hours in traffic commuting to work, and that companies don’t need to spend millions on renting office space. Making sure things are in place for remote work to run more smoothly is going to mean more efficiency, and more time spent doing things that are valuable to us.  

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It Is a Fact That Over the Pandemic the Poor Have Got Poorer and the Rich Have Got Richer 

Let’s wrap up about how these theories spread so easily. Yep, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer sounds like a cliche. But it’s happening, billionaires did get richer in the pandemic — and the poorest sectors of society suffered the most. And it’s impossible to argue it’s a good thing. 

Is that evidence that global elites were behind COVID, to make themselves richer? Of course not. Does it mean elites are bent on creating a new world order featuring cyborgs and manufactured diseases? No. What it does point to is the fact that there are parts of the global economy that need fixing. 


Put It All Together, and Unfortunately, You’ve Got Fertile Ground for Conspiracy Theories

There’s a virus — even if some people don’t believe it exists. It leads to governments imposing lockdowns to stop deaths. And ripple effects are that wealth gets transferred from the poor to the rich. 

Of course people are going to get frustrated. And get angry with governments when they act incompetently, which many of them did. What it doesn’t mean is that global elites fabricated it all. 

But when you combine that frustration with wacky theories on the internet, you’ve got fertile ground for those theories to breed. And then the WEF says they want to reset the economy — even if a lot of its ideas look good, what do you get — people translate that they’re aiming at world domination.

What we can get from it, is that we should do more to reduce extreme poverty – create better conditions for people to benefit from technology – and protect the environment better. All things the Great Reset says it will do. Exactly how far it will succeed, time will tell. 


What do you think of the Great Reset and the ideas behind it?