The 10 Greatest Robberies in History

8 September 2015

The 10 Greatest Robberies in History

Which robberies were so good that are known today as some of the greatest robberies in history? It is time to find out!

Some of the greatest robberies in history were at some banks while others happened at some of the most prestigious museums.

We love the movies were the bad guys always loose, but in reality is a bit different. For a bad guy to loose, it requires the police to gather some evidence in order to put the guilty parts behind bars.

At least that’s the theory, because in order for these robberies to be the greatest in history, some of the bad guys actually got away with it.

We have learned from the history, that no matter how big the trap, there’s always a sneaky mouse willing to steal the cheese.

Next, we present you, history’s greatest heists.

#10 Harry Winston

5th December 2008-Paris, France: $108 million

In 2008 four armed men entered the upmarket jewelry store, called Jeweler to the Starts, not long after the closing time.

Three of them were dressed in wigs and women’s clothing. They cleaned the display cases, and then forced the staff to loot the storage area, just because the millions worth of jewels in the display cases weren’t enough.

The armed guys managed to clean the place out, without even firing a shot. Because of that heist, Harry Winston stock fell 9% the next day after the word of the robbery got out.

That’s the second time the store has been robbed in the past two years. 25 people have since been arrested for the crime.

Greatest Robberies in History
#10 Harry Winston | Greatest Robberies in History |usnews.com|
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