Happy and Successful People Live Their Lives Remarkably

10 February 2016

Happy and Successful People Live Their Lives Remarkably

Happy and successful people are the ones who like what they see in the mirror every morning because they know that they do what they love. The only thing that is stopping some from being happy and successful people is the way they choose to live their lives.

Happiness and success do not come overnight. This is the reason why people sometimes think that is impossible to be happy and successful at the same time. Some lose their happiness while looking for success while others believe that success has nothing to do with happiness.

Success comes in different forms: it’s either raising your children right or having the job of your dreams. Everyone has different priorities due to the fact that each of us is unique. Here is something you should take into consideration when you are on your way to finding success.

Happiness is also different for each individual. You could find happiness in simple things like walks or you could be harder to satisfy- and that is alright. It does not matter what makes you happy as long as it makes you a better and sensible person. Here are some “tricks” that will help you find yourself and be genuinely happy.

When you love someone, partner or friend, you are willing to do anything in order to keep them happy – even if this means losing yourself in the process.

However, this is not the recipe of a happy and successful life. People always tend to forget to love themselves before they love anyone else. Giving up on your own happiness just to make someone else happy means setting yourself on fire just to keep others warm.

1.Happy and successful people love themselves

Self-love is something they don’t teach you about in school. You have to figure it out yourself. Once you find a balance in your life everything you do will be of higher quality. Successful people don’t pay attention to other people’s opinions because they are too busy doing what they know best- making progress. However, in order to be successful, you have to be happy first.

In order to be able to love yourself you have to stop comparing yourself to other people. Admit it, at least once in your life you wanted to be someone else, you wanted to have what someone else had or simply thought “They don’t deserve what they have.”

This needs to stop! You have to find something you’re good at. In order to find that particular thing you must leave your comfort zone and start experiencing everything you might be too afraid to do! Self-love and self-esteem are related and finding things you are good at will surely make you feel a lot better about yourself! Don’t let your weaknesses overwhelm you. Only when you accept them you will be able to overcome them in time.


Happy and Successful People Live Remarkably | They Love Themselves

2.Happy and successful people do not apologize for saying what they think

Another crucial thing you must do is stop apoligizing for saying things you actually mean. You should never feel guilty about having a different opinion than someone, even if that someone is the most important person in your life in that particular moment.

Everyone is different and saying what you think does not make you less of a person.  Sticking to your principles makes you successful. Saying what you think makes you successful. You should not be just another sheep in the herd just to keep people happy. You should always be yourself. It’s just like Bernard Baruch once said “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Happy and Successful People Live Remarkably | They Do Not Apologize For Saying What They Think

3.Happy and successful people are willing to learn

You will never be successful if you think you know it all. Ignorant people think that they are too good at something. Success comes with commitment and hard work because no one will give you anything unless you are willing to “sweat” for it.

Learning means progress and progress means success. When you finish your studies you have to keep learning new things that will help you become a better version of yourself.  Happy and successful people don’t just hear, they also listen. You can listen to other people’s words or even your gut. Patience is a very important quality that happy and successful people have. Patience is what makes some better than others. Even if they fail, happy and successful people know how to cope with failure. The key to success is perseverance – if you keep fighting for what you believe in, you will eventually succeed.

Happy and Successful People Live Remarkably | They Are Willing to Learn

4.Happy and successful people do not look for excuses

In order to become happy and successful, you must make the most of what you have. Your decisions affect everything you will come across during your lifetime. Of course it would be easier if you had everything you needed in order to start your own business or to change your life, but then there would be no thrill to it, right?

It does not matter how much you have in the beginning as long as you are willing to work hard to become who you want to be. Excuses are for people who don’t go out and make their dreams come true. Making excuses for yourself will only put you down. As long as you are healthy, you can do everything you dream of doing.

Happy and Successful People Live Remarkably | They Don't Look For Excuses


Next time you feel that you are not happy and successful remember that you should look at things from a different perspective. Never compromise yourself for someone you love because the ones who truly love you will always want the best for you. Stop finding excuses for yourself and stick to the plan. Maybe the most important thing is actually just loving yourself. If you love yourself it means that you are already happy and successful!