15 Health Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

3 October 2020

So You Think You Know Facts About Health? This Article Is Going to Bring You to Challenge Yourself.

Health mistakes are inevitable. Run, High Intensity training or Yoga. Eat low carb, high fat, or low GI and lean protein, intermittent fasting, GMO is bad, Organic is Good and all that jazz. There are endless mixed messages swirling around about how to be healthy. But the truth is, there are some fundamentals that many of us are just getting plain wrong.

Aluxers, this list might make you angry, these might make you throw your hands in the air, but the most important thing is that after this list we hope you will be informed to make some healthier life choices.

Let’s look at 15 Health Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making.

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With this corrected, let’s head straight towards the first health mistake that almost all of us are making – as we read.


Skipping the Flu Shot

The most common argument for not getting the flu shot that you might have heard is that “it gives you the flu.” And the response is “Yes!” because that is exactly how immunization works. Well done bright spark.

Since the ingenious science that introduced us to small manageable doses of viruses that before would have killed us, we have been building up a tolerance or “immunity” to those viruses so that when we encounter them again we are already able to battle them because we have the antibodies prepared to fight them off.

It’s not rocket science, it’s literally science. Tried and tested science. The evidence is irrefutable; no matter how much tin-foil hat wearing anti-vaxxers screams and shouts about it on Facebook.

Getting the annual flu shot is your adult responsibility equivalent of vaccinating a child. It stops the most common flu viruses from putting you flat on your back for 2 weeks. It also prevents you from passing it onto anyone else more vulnerable around you like the elderly and children, or people with chronic illness, because in these groups full blown flu can be deadly.

But what’s wrong with a little sick leave you ask? Well the thing is you have no control over how severe your bout of flu is going to be. Many cases of viral flu land people in hospital or increase their risk of cardiac events. This puts a strain on the health care system, and in times of crisis, like in the case of Covid-19, it’s selfish to be admitted to hospital for something you could have had a small shot to prevent.

So, if you were mistaken over how important the flu shot is, we hope you understand your public responsibility now.


Consulting Dr. Google

If you ever want to know the fastest way to contract a deadly disease, try making the classical health mistake – Google your symptoms. We can guarantee you that within minutes you will be dying of a deadly disease. Better yet, reach out to your social media friends and ask for advice and before you know it you’ll be gulping bone broth and have a list of herbs to brew that you didn’t even know existed.

If you must consult a medical practitioner online because of finance or time constraints, be sure they are a trained professional. Don’t consult with Susan from your Kids swim class via messenger, unless you want your headache caused by eyestrain to turn into a full blown brain tumour in just a few clicks of the old Google search.

But if you do, you should know the remedy is always to brew up a few leaves of…just kidding! Go to a doctor.


Organic Isn’t Always the Answer

Sometimes you need to re-think the question before you decide that organic beetroot crisps are the answer. Because in this case, the question was more likely “Should I be eating a bag of chips?” Not a competition between organic and not.

So often we are shovelling in the calories without a care in the world when we see the word Organic pasted all over the pack. But whether organic or not, many foods still have no nutritional value and are just empty calories that won’t give you any energy.

Instead, work out what you need to achieve the health goal you are going for. More energy, better sleep, stable moods or weight loss or gain. Then work out what foods your body needs to achieve this goal in the healthiest possible way. Perhaps this means eating organic, but perhaps it also means eating less processed foods or more whole and simple foods. There are so many other ways to add healthy habits to your diet than just grabbing anything that is Organic!


Stop Lying to Yourself About Diet Drinks

We all deserve a cheat meal once in a while, but if you find yourself justifying your junk food diet with the sacrifice you make by ordering the sugar free drink option, then it is time to count another health mistake on your fingers.

Diet drinks are the lesser of two evils but are only a “healthy” choice on the side of a highly nutritious meal.

If you are honest with yourself, your coffee with no sugar was a measly sacrifice when you consider the cream cheese chocolate chip bagel you ordered with it. And the Skinny milk isn’t going to get you closer to your health goals if you order whipped cream on top.

Be sure to enjoy a spoil every now and again, but don’t justify an everyday cheat by ordering diet drinks, or dropping a teaspoon of sugar in lieu of a basket of muffins.


Taking a Pill Instead of a Walk

We’re in no way meaning to override any doctor’s orders with this next bit of advice. But so often we forget the healing power of exercise and fresh air. When you are feeling overwhelmed in a situation or need to take a minute to think, instead of turning to an over the counter pill to calm you and then start replying feverishly in an email rant response… why not head out for a walk around the block, or take a run or throw ball for the dog, or just run up and down the stairs at work if you can’t get out.

Before you know it your blood pressure will come down, and the problem won’t need such a big reaction. Now you can protect both your cardiac and vascular health, plus your mental health in just one simple action.


You Think Healthy Eating Costs More Than You Can Afford

So often you hear people drone on about how expensive health foods are. And while sure almond milk or miracle Chia seed energy bars might cost a ton, seasonal fruit and veg, lentils and staple carbs like cous cous and brown rice are pretty well priced in most countries. And these are the real winners when it comes to healthy eating.

Processed foods, cans and ready meals can be cheap when they come on special, but they don’t really fill you up and you end up eating more than you budgeted on so the price per meal ends up costing the same. Plus you aren’t getting the nutritional value that you would have from whole foods like veg and grains. That means you will need supplements like vitamins, or protein powders, or turn to caffeine and energy drinks or sugar to give you the boost you need to get through the day. More than a health mistake, it is a shopping disaster.

Stick to seasonal whole foods, batch cook and freeze portions if you are tight on time. Meal prep lunch boxes once a week to cover you with nutritional meals while you’re at work. If you plan, you can eat for less than a dollar a meal, and your body will thank you.


Underestimating How Your Health Affects Your Whole Life

It’s all fun and games gaining a little bit of extra weight until you split your pants or don’t fit into anything in your closet anymore. When you start to avoid social gatherings because you are tired, or feel unconfident, then bad health is limiting your life and it’s time to take back your power.

If those extra donuts are robbing you of your sex drive then call the cops on your bad habits. Cut back for the sake of sanity and your relationship and you will be satisfied with a whole different after dinner treat.

When we feel unconfident about our appearance we don’t perform at our peak. Do yourself a solid and look after yourself and your health and make choices that complement your self-image.


Fitness Needs Time and a Gym Membership

Being physically fit doesn’t just happen during those stolen 20 minute gym sessions you cram in a few times a month. Every day you can boost your personal best with just a few health hacks.

How many choices are you making a day that are missed opportunities to get in some solid physical exercise? None you say?

Well did you take the elevator today? Did you drive to work even though it’s less than a 20 minute walk? These are basic health mistakes a majority of us are making.

Did you circle the parking lot more than once just to get a parking close to the store entrance? All those small choices are missed opportunities to squeeze the most out of your day and hack your health.

Stop thinking of working out as a completely binary part of your day, and start looking for ways to add movement wherever you can.

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Mental Health Matters

It’s easier to see physical changes that we don’t like than it is to notice unhealthy mental health patterns. But the truth is that poor mental health that goes unchecked is as serious to our overall health.

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Underestimating the Importance of Routine

No one’s suggesting you jump into running shoes and tackle a 5km every morning before breakfast. But what is important is developing a strong morning routine. Having time to do all you need to do in the morning can really pay off. If we can’t manage this one, it’s a health mistake that costs us a lot more throughout our lives.

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to wake up properly, stretch a bit, have a good grooming routine, eat breakfast, leave time to walk or bike to work, take time to prioritise your goals and prepare how you will respond to situations you think might arise. This is a far better way to go than rushing off in a blind panic and reacting to whatever comes your way.


Don’t Skimp on Investing Where You Rest

Saving on a good mattress or desk chair or going cheap on running shoes can cost you in the long run. Not only financially when you have to replace them sooner than expected, but also cost your health when they don’t offer the comfort and support you need. You’ll be picking up the bill for chiropractors, physiotherapy or doctors’ appointments. Plus your performance will be compromised because you won’t be in top health.

If you hadn’t considered the true cost of some savings, then check out our video: “15 Things You SHOULD Spend Your Money On.”


Holidays Are Not an Expense, They Are an Investment

We all have seasons where we are expected to work around the clock, or push to make a deadline. But these should be balanced with more mundane downtime, time off and good old fashion holidays.

Don’t get suckered into thinking that the “strong and powerful individual” you are doesn’t need an afternoon nap once in a while. There is nothing noble in burnout!


Not Knowing Your Elbow From Your Asshole

Don’t leave every single health decision up to the professionals. There are some parts of your health that don’t require a 7-year medical school degree to know.

Like how much water to drink, how many calories to consume, and what foods do and don’t agree with you. Not only does this require some light reading, but also a general awareness of what is going on in your body.

Knowing what does and doesn’t work for you will also make sure you aren’t running from one health fad to the next, harming your long-term health. Instead of stop starting and binging and starving your health, listen to your body, do a little reading when needed and serve it well.


Thinking That “Summer Bodies” Really Exist

There isn’t some magic mantra we can say 3 weeks before we bust into a swimming gear and voila our “Summer Body” appears. There is no diet or workout plan than can secure you a swimwear catalogue body at a moment’s notice.

Don’t get suckered into the hype, make a today resolution. Decide what your body goal is and work towards the body shape you want, not racing against an unrealistic timeline.


Thinking a Health Fad Will Fix All Your Problems

There is no shortcut to health. Sure, you can lose the weight, or quit smoking or drinking, but you can’t undo the damage already done. What you can do is prioritise your health from here on out. There is never a reason to throw in the towel and give up on your health. That’s the greatest health mistake. The best time to quit a bad habit is 10 years ago, the next best time is today.

Strap in for the long haul and build a healthy lifestyle that will lead to a long and happy life.


What was the one choice you made in your life that led to the biggest difference in your health? Good or bad, its confession time.