Healthy Food Keeps You Beautiful

22 May 2013

Healthy Food keeps you beautiful!

How is that possible? Well if you eat junk, you are going to look like junk. To be glowing on the outside, you have to be healthy on the inside. We all know that being healthy is a lifestyle for a lifetime, but the main question is:

How good are we at making healthier choices? 


Healthy eating involves fresh products, raw foods, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc.


Benefits of eating healthy:

1. You can prevent diseases if you eat healthy food. Here are two examples of diseases that can be  prevented by eating healthy:

  • Heart disease – prevented by eating foods low in saturated fat.
  • Cancer – prevented by consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Your immune system will be strengthening itself and this is the foundation of being healthy.

2. What do you have to do to keep a younger looking skin?

All you have to do is to eat healthy.  Sounds easy, isn’t it? Every year, women spend billions of dollars buying creams and gels to make their skin look younger. I mean, who doesn’t want to look younger? Right? Here is a list of foods that can make you look younger and save you some money on the way:

bagTomatoes – Can help protect against sunburn and skin ageing, but don’t skip the sunscreen lotion just because you had tomatoes for breakfast.

Guava – It’s like a natural botox. It helps plump your skin and reduce wrinkles and it is high in vitamin C.

Lemons– Can help your skin to stay clearer and brighter.

Wheat germ – Will help in repairing skin, it is also good to get rid of acne.

Lettuce – Try to eat 6 leaves per day because believe it or not, lettuce contains vitamin A, which helps renew skin cells.

Brazil nuts – Helps you slow down the ageing process.

3. Eating healthy can increase your energy level.

If you are not eating well, you will feel tired all the time, and being tired is no fun at all. Make smarter choices about what you’re using to fuel your body.

Now that you know all this things about eating healthy and how important is for your health, you might wonder:

How to fight fast food craving?

Let’s be honest, fast food taste good! Luckily, there are some things you can do to make fast food less tempting. Most cravings are a sign of a nutritional deficiency, but by taking multivitamins and mineral supplement, you can fight most cravings. Let’s not forget that a whole lot of people eat for emotional reasons. Sometimes you are just bored, not hungry. Learn the difference and put down that bag of chips. Find something besides food that works for you, and you will see the benefits.

Why would you choose to eat this? Which is something that could eventually cause:

notgoodWeight gain


High blood pressure


Heart attacks

Thin dry hair

Unhealthy nails



When you could eat this? Something that can eventually help:

fruitsEnergy boost

Improved skin

Better immune system

Weight loss

Healthy hair

Strong heart

Better digestion

Improved sleep and focus

Destroy everything that destroys you!



This Article was written by: Andreea . You can visit her blog here: [button color=”orange” size=”small” link=”http://andreeamaier.tumblr.com/” target=”blank” ]Andreea’s Blog[/button]