This Hermes-Inspired Adidas Originals NMD will be Yours 3 Weeks after You Order it

27 September 2016

Hermes Paris X Adidas NMD is in fact Adidas Originals NMD sneakers customized to create the signature look of the Hermes Birkin Bag

As people in the know recognize, the handmade Hermes Birkin Bag has been a status symbol for high fashion for more than three decades. And now, The Remade has unveiled a new pair of Hermes Paris X Adidas NMD sneakers, which is modeled after the Hermes Birkini Bag.

Well-known for customizing street plush shoes, The Remade’s new pair of shoes is actually  a reconstructed version of Adidas NMD Originals sneakers.

For obvious reasons, Hermes Paris X Adidas NMD has all the great features of Adidas Originals NMD sneakers.

That is to say it’s light, flexible, comfortable, and by common consent, one of the sneakers of the moment.

Hermes Paris X Adidas NMD
Image source: theremade.com

An Ultimate Instance of Sports Elegance

To create the signature look of the Hermes Birkin Bag, the Remade has added distinct features to its new shoes. For instance, the original ankle unit of the Adidas Originals NMD is replaced with lush Clemente leather and python skin. This classic remodeling makes the Hermes Paris X Adidas NMD, the epitome of street sports elegance.

Hermes Paris X Adidas NMD
The Remade has customized Adidas Originals NMD (bottom left) to create the signature look of Herme Birkin Bag (upper left)

The Remade has also cleverly transferred the ‘clochette’ of the Birkin Bag onto the Hermes Paris X  Adidas NMD. The clochette exists on each lateral side of the sneaker.

Additionally, a golden lock graces the look of the custom sneaker. It can sit on the golden Buscemi-like details on the front of the shoes. Alternatively, the golden lock can also connect to the pull tab at the back.

Similarly, the sneakers feature a large pull strap at the back, which evokes the ‘handle’ of the Birkin Bag. Furthermore, cute fringes hang off of the pull tab in order to complement the magnificent look.

Interestingly, the Hermes Paris X Adidas NMD’s golden lock and key evoke  Jon Busemi’s key silhouette and signature lock. The style actually follows the same Buscemi’s approach towards the sports shoe market.

Hermes Paris X Adidas NMD
Image source: theremade.com

The Remade hasn’t yet declared whether it is putting its new custom sneakers on the market for public sale. However, you can check out their official site for further inquiries.

According to the Remade, each pair will take two to three weeks to be complete. The Remade also states that they can work on reconstruction and recreation of any other types of shoes upon request.

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