Highest Paid Actors in the World 2014

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Highest Paid Actors in the World 2014

Let’s take a look at who are the world’s highest paid actors and just how much they have earned in the last year!

Have you ever wonder how much earns an actor from Hollywood? The answer is a lot. But how much? Read more to find out which are the Highest Paid Actors in the world.

Although we were initially expecting to see more movie actors in the past year more and more A-listed actors emerged from TV series and this seems to be the trends for 2014 as well!

Let’s get this ranking started!

#10 Michael C. Hall – $10 million

You all know Michael Carlyle Hall from the TV shows ‘Dexter’ or ‘Six Feet Under’.

At age of 42 and with hard work, he earned his place on our top list.

The tv series Dexter brought him a $10 Million!

Highest Paid Actors in the World | 2013

Who love Grey’s Anatomy?
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