We Rank 15 Highest Paid Female Gamers in the World

23 October 2016

Most female don’t even care about video games. But these highest paid female gamers can kick your ass!

Some people go for women who are beautiful. Others prefer inner beauty. Some like girlie women. Others prefer tomboys. But when we mention highest paid female gamers, a.k.a women who can beat you in video games, what do you have in mind?

We have seen some memes about girls not understanding their boyfriends’ video games addiction. Those boys believe that female gamers are highly unlikely to exist.  I bet they haven’t heard of these fifteen awesome women we have on this list. Get to know them more and you’ll see that there is still hope, boys.

In this modern world, more and more women compete in video gaming tournaments. They are showing great potential in this field. And even though their earning is still less than their male counterparts who still constitute 70% of the contenders, they are still highly motivated.

So, let’s find out top fifteen highest paid female gamers based on the highest amount of video gaming tournament prize money they won. Happy reading!

15. Ricki Ortiz ($2,500 of $19,880)

We Rank 15 Highest Paid Female Gamers in the World | #15. Ricki Ortiz ($2,500 of $19,880)
We Rank 15 Highest Paid Female Gamers in the World | #15. Ricki Ortiz ($2,500 of $19,880) | source: vgtime.com

We start the list off with Ricki Ortiz. She is currently the seventh highest earning female gamers with the total of $19,880 prize money she won from all tournaments she competed in.

She started competing in 2003 but only started winning three years after. The highest amount of prize money she took home was when she competed in the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition game tournament. Apparently, this is the game she is mostly good at.

The tournament was held in Austin, Texas, four years ago. Ricki won the 1st place prize money: $2,500. Pretty good for the 33-year-old American who currently lives in California.

Ricki also plays in a team called Evil Geniuses. Together, they have won a total of $15,485 prize money. Here is some more information about Ricki Ortiz:

  • Player ID: Ricki Ortiz, Hellokitty, Ricki O
  • Total tournament: 57
  • Total win: 8 tournaments

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