10 Highest-Paid Golf Players in 2015

10 July 2015

10 Highest-Paid Golf Players in 2015

When you talk about the highest-paid golf players, you talk about the best in the world.

Only they are the ones that get paid millions just to perform on the field. But to be able to perform like that, they’ve worked all their lives really hard and made big sacrifices to make that happen.

So, it is normal to have big salaries, because they put much effort into training.

Everyone knows golf is one of the highest-paid sports in the world, and the net worth of these people comes with no surprise.

These golfers are also one of the highest-paid athletes, a topic we covered before. You can read it here, after you finish reading this one.

Let’s get to the list of the highest-paid golf players!

#10 Greg Norman -$14 million

We begin with Greg Norman; the Australian professional golfer is the 10th highest-paid golf player in the world.

The golfer participates in the PGA Tours and European Tours where he achieved a total of 20 PGA Tour titles and 14 European Tour Titles so far.

Greg Norman won the T2 position of PGA Championships in 1986 and 1993. Greg also got the title of the Open Championship in 1986 and 1993, and reached the T2 position of the U.S. Open in 1984 and 1995.

He got the 10th place in this list with a cumulative total income of $14,000,000 last season.

He earned a total of $14,000,000 off-course from his endorsements.

10 Highest-Paid Golf Players in 2015
10 Highest-Paid Golf Players in 2015 |via: thenypost|
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