Highest-Paid Spanish Footballers | Top 10

19 June 2014

 Highest-Paid Spanish Footballers | Top 10

If you ever wondered who are the highest-paid Spanish footballers, we made a top 10 for you!

Why Spanish? The answer is easy if you consider that Spanish footballers were always famous
and the Spanish league is one of the best league in the world.

Spain national football team was the best team until the present day. Spanish players are very proud to have won two European Championships and a World Cup in the last years. Superstars like Silva, Torres and Sergio Ramos are playing in the best European leagues.

This being said, let’s have a look on the 10 highest-paid Spanish footballers who hope to win their second FIFA World Cup this year in Brazil.

#10 Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona – $6 million

Born on 27 February, 1987, in Barcelona, Spain, Gerard Piqué i Bernabéu, best known as Piqué is one of the highest-paid Spanish footballers in the world.

Despite being #10 in this list, his earnings have always improved since he started his career as a professional.

With a amazing salary of $6 million, Piqué played for successful teams such as Manchester United, Zaragoza and currently, he’s part of FC Barcelona team where he reached his highest yields by winning 6 trophies in one season.

Highest-Paid Spanish Footballers | Top 10
Highest-Paid Spanish Footballers | Top 10 10. Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona – $6 million

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