Top 10 Highest Paid Supermodels in 2015

20 September 2015

10 of The Highest Paid Supermodels in 2015

The highest paid supermodels in 2015 are the girls who besides the fashion industry contracts have endorsements with different brands and designers.

From lingerie, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics and cars to shoes, household products, drinks and sports, they are the face of everything you can imagine.

But their usual endorsements don’t get them out of bed for change money, making them the priciest models out there, who do appearances for big amounts of money.

So, the girls with big salaries are on the fashion industry magazine covers, sport magazine covers, depending on the thing they’re doing.

When you are talking about big deals with the biggest designers, their name appears in the title, or when you are at the fanciest fashion show in Paris or any fashion capital, you will probably see them on the catwalk.

They are the prettiest, the most valued, the highest paid, the most influential and the most famous names from the modeling world.

The list is a bit different from the one we had last year, with more newcomers who have earned enough to be featured on Forbes’ list of the highest earning models.

Let’s see who are the highest paid supermodels in 2015 and how much did they earn this year!

#10: Kate Moss $4.5 million

When we talk about Kate Moss all we can say is that she becomes a fashion icon who can easily boost your product if she has her name or face on it.

No wonder why her name has an echo in the industry and her face represent many brands for years.

If we talk about the people who represent her, they are only a few modeling agencies the main one being IMG Models from New York.

And when we talk about how she was discovered, it is kind of a funny story because the model Scout Sara Doukas was at the airport when she first saw Kate.

The supermodel was seen in the New York JFK’s airport by the scout and since then she has almost 20 years of career.

So the ambassador of Rimmel, the face of British retailer Topshop and the model for David Yurman, Kerastase and St Tropez, made this year 4.5 million dollars.

So the supermodel is the face of self-tanning solutions, hair care products and the face of long lasting beauty products, what more can she want?

Ten of The Highest Paid Supermodels
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