10 Highest Paid Tennis Players in the World 2016

7 January 2016

Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players in the World 2016

We continue our series with the Top 10 highest paid tennis players in the world 2016. Just like the other athletes, the tennis players get so much attention from everyone.

There isn’t much difference between them and the rest of the professional athletes. They work hard, sweat, and leave problems behind just to do well on the field.

They are the ones that teach us how to never give up on our dreams and many of us want to be able to become them.

With all that they have to live and give the best on the field. So I say the tennis players deserve to have big paychecks.

This is a list where we gathered just the best and the highest paid tennis players. Let’s check it out!

N10. Caroline Wozniacki – Net Worth: $19 million

Caroline Wozniacki gives the start of the list, with estimated earnings of $19 million. The Danish professional tennis player is ranked 8th best player, according to the Women’s Tennis Association as of November 2014.

She already achieved 22 WTA career titles and 4 ITF titles till now in her active playing career. She was the finalist of two US Open championships.

Currently endorsed by various famous brands such as Adidas, Yonex, Proactiv, Rolex and Sony Ericsson, Caroline is one of the tennis players that win around $9.5 million only from appearing in different campaigns and TV commercials for the brands.

10 Highest Paid Tennis Players
N10. Caroline Wozniacki – $19 million |10 Highest Paid Tennis Players |celebritybase.info|
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