Highest Selling Club Soccer Jerseys | Top 10

25 July 2014

Highest Selling Club Soccer Jerseys | Top 10

This is the moment you all soccer fans have been waiting for because we are going to show you the highest selling club soccer jerseys in the world.

Everybody likes soccer and in Europe this sport has a wide range of fans, depending on the team they like the most.

The world wide sport reunites fans from different countries and regions and put together the body and the voice that shouts “Gool” every time their favorite team score.

No matter languages, borders and religion all over the world some teams reunite in the same colors million of people who are dedicated supporters of a team.

Some of the following team expanded their markets and through marketing and promotional matches they managed to cover some foreign markets and develop a worldwide business built on selling soccer jerseys.

Now we present the elite who have the biggest sales of soccer jerseys and who make millions in revenues due to this phenomenon.

They are the biggest teams out there who signed the best footballers on earth and who have the biggest brands on their jerseys.

Enough talking and let’s go and see the highest selling club soccer jerseys a list where tittles, trophies famous players and big transfers make the team sell more jersey.

10. AC Milan – 350.000 jerseys annual

One of Italy’s most known soccer club is AC Milan, a name who proudly represent’s the Italians every year in the European championships.

The black and red traditional colors that the club have since the foundation in 1899 are on the most wanted jerseys out there.

The away equipment is composed of all white with black and red trims on every margins and represent the other solution for when you don’t find in stores the red and black stripes that everybody recognizes.

The third outfit is changing every year and basically they use gold and the red and black to compose the jersey.

Sponsored by Adidas they have some unique players that impress the fans and make money for the club, names like Mario Balotelli the center forward and left wing Stephan El Shaarawy generate a great number of sales but not to mention former stars like Kaka, Paolo Maldini and Ronaldinho still bring cash to the club.

In total in the past years they made it to the top with 350.000 jerseys per year a gross sum that make them the tenth highest selling club soccer jerseys in the world beating teams like Paris Saint Germain, Dortmund, Marseille and Manchester City who have sold around 250.000 soccer jerseys.

Highest Selling Club Soccer jerseys | Top 10
AC Milan Home Jersey

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