Hip Hotels in UK | Top 5

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Hip Hotels in UK | Top 5

We all love holidays, and I know deep down you are all secretly thinking where  your next vacation should be!

If you are planning to visit the ever-raining UK in the future, we have prepared for you the perfect Top 5 Hip Hotels!

They are luxurious, unique and quirky, a something-else you definitely need to visit. And do not worry about rain, the rooms are so nice you could actually stay in all day long.

So let’s have a look, shall we?

#5 – Boskerris Hotel

We’re kicking our top 5 Hip Hotels in UK with the Boskerris Hotel!

Located in Cornwall and close to the white sand of Carbis Bay, the Boskerris Hotel is a 1.5 acre property with a panoramic view of the whole of St Ives bay.

The hotel has 15 bedrooms which allow it to feel spacious and comfortable.

Boskerris was recently redesigned by a young couple who wanted out of their London lifestyle.

Hip Hotels in UK | Top 5

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