Hipster Barbie Mocks Instagram Users in the Funniest Ways

13 September 2015

Hipster Barbie Instagram Account Makes Fun of Instagram Users

People are going crazy over the hipster Barbie Instagram account!

This Barbie is so much better at Instagram that you’ll ever be, and it mocks every user on that social media.

I know you’d wish to be like her, but I’m sorry to tell you this, you can’t.

This idea is so common but in the same time so original and it makes me mad that I didn’t think about it first.

With all the travel photographs that has been going around the Internet lately, we couldn’t be more happy that the Socality Barbie has come to mock us all.

The plastic doll has come to expose us as the losers we are because it was time for a change. Everyone is posting the same pictures, visiting the same places.

The Instagram account of the Socality Barbie has been generating so much Internet buzz thanks to a U.S. photographer who came up with the idea of featuring images of Barbie enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

The photographs that Barbie is posting are instantly recognizable to anyone who has gained likes for filtered photos of themselves while enjoying an outdoor experience. The images I am talking about are often described as hipster.

“I created the account to make fun of people who were using the ‘liveauthentic’ hashtag on Instagram,” the anonymous 20-year-old Portland, Oregon resident behind the Barbie account told Koin 6. “All their pictures looked alike.”

Socality Barbie has clearly upset some people, while winning over 1 million followers for her selfies on windswept beaches, along leafy hiking trails and in many coffee shops.

Yes, there are also several shots of Barbie relaxing in a nice foamy bath, leading an mysterious man by the hand towards a beautiful lake and watching out of a plane window at the city below.

As Wired magazine scathingly comments: “Hipster Barbie is so much better at Instagram than you.”

The three-month-old account’s highlight to date is a photo of Barbie brewing up an espresso while gazing wistfully across the wilderness from a clifftop. The caption reads: “I just ‘happened’ to bring all my coffee gear on this hike. Might as well make a cup on this mountain top like any normal person would do.” The account’s creator says such posts are intended to mock the “fake” lifestyles of people who genuinely post similar images.

“There’s a ton of people who actually do that,” she adds. “They actually go on a hike just go to a mountain top and make coffee — and I think that’s a bit ridiculous.”

She promises Barbie is poised for “more adventures around the Pacific Northwest.”

“There’s still a couple of things I want to poke fun at before the account ends.”

We can’t wait to see all the adventures this Barbie will be involved in. Stay tuned on her Instagram for more updates.