30,000 acres and a Stylish Mansion in Montana for $35 Million

24 August 2016

Rich Cowboy Lifestyle in Hobble Diamond Ranch

Owned by Robert Burch, the serial entrepreneur and managing partner of the VC company Redbadge, the magnificent Hobble Diamond Ranch has been put on the market for a hefty $35 million.

Located in Big Timber, Montana, the Hobble Diamond Ranch covers 30,000 acres of land with full-time, working facilities for what Burch says is a “cow-calf operation” where about 1000 mother cows give birth to around 700 calves a year. The calves are sold after being raised until they’re about 800 pounds.

According to Burch, living in the Hobble Diamond Ranch is more of a cowboy life-style than a way to get rich. With nearly 1,250 acres of irrigated cropland, and extensive riparian areas along the river, the ranch provides enough feed for its herd to thrive well in a nutritive environment.

Hobble Diamond Ranch - Main House
The main house on the ranch | Image source: Hallhall.com

Four full-time cowboys run the operation, and get a cash salary along with a house on the ranch. However, the ranch is self-contained meaning it pretty much runs itself. Prospective buyers thus will have the opportunity to enjoy the leisure activities in the countryside, and the spectacular scenery.

Hobble Diamond Ranch
Burch expanded the ranch from 9,000 to more than 30,000 acres. | Image source: Hallhall.com

A Closer Look at the Main Compound

The owner’s compound is situated in the cottonwoods along the Yellowstone River which runs through the property. It is exquisite with a splendid owner’s main house, guest cabins and bunkhouse.

Burch says he bought the first 9,000 acres in 1998 and acquired adjacent properties as they became available. He later renovated ranch buildings and built new ones, including a six-bedroom, timber-and-stone house of about 10,000 square feet.

Hobble Diamond Ranch
Rustic Elegant Decor | Image source: Hallhall.com

Decorated in a rustic, albeit luxurious style, the main house has seven bathrooms and two half baths and a massive room with 20-foot ceilings and fireplaces at both ends. Besides, the home’s basement has a sauna, massage room, billiard room and wine cellar with a tasting room.

Hobble Diamond Ranch - Bedroom
A bedroom | Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch
Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch - Dining Area
A dining area | Image source: Hallhall.com

The bunkhouse can accommodate 12 people comfortably. There is also a separate two car garage in the compound which has two more bedrooms on the second floor. Guests can stay in the guest cabin and use the gear room to dress for amazing activities such as cross country skiing, fly fishing in the river, and bird shooting.

Hobble Diamond Ranch - Kitchen
The Kitchen | Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch
The house can sleep 20 | Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch - Sauna and Spa
The house has a sauna and spa. | Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch - Spa
The spa | Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch
Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch
Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch
Image source: Hallhall.com
Hobble Diamond Ranch - Main House
The main house at night | Image source: Hallhall.com

The $35 million Hobble Diamond Ranch is a complete package – balanced cattle operation, fishing, wildlife, the finest of working improvements and a tasteful owner’s compound. Although it has a cowboy style, even a noncowboy could fall in love with it. Do you have enough money for and interest in the ranch?

If yes, we invite you to watch this video for more information on just how amazing this ranch is!

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