Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Daughters

4 March 2016


Shayne Murphy

Everybody knows Eddie Murphy and everybody knows the fact that he had a beautiful wife.

But when it comes to his children, all eight of them have the best of both.

Recently attention was towards his 19 year old baby girl Shayne Murphy who is attempting to follow the career of her model mom Nicole Murphy.

Eddie was often seen with her on his arm and Bria as well, the 24 year old daughter, but no one has heard any rumors about them.

So from the red carpet along daddy’s neck, she appeared in a photo shoot made especially for her modeling debut.

She and her sister Bria made the photos so that they could use them to “audition” for a Victoria Secret contract.

The result was amazing, they look incredible sexy and could pass anytime as an “Angel” for the famous lingerie brand.

So Eddie watch out because she is only 19 and already she has the looks to take the world by surprise and become more famous than her parents.

Hottest Celebrity Daughters | Top 10
Shayene Murphy ranking #9 as Hottest Celebrity Daughters
Hottest Celebrity Daughters | Top 10
Shayene Murphy

Next daughter was first seen on the red carpet in 2005->

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