Hottest European Female Athletes | TOP 10

9 June 2014

9. Josefine Oqvist

Country: Sweden
Sport: Soccer
Years: 2002-present

You may know her from the Cup when she was filmed changing jerseys and kissing a German fan. At the age of 30 she can brag about some of the important awards she got over the years.

Awards like Swedish Rookie of the Year in 2003, the woman that scored a critical goal at the 86’ minute in the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup semifinals against Canada.

She goes by Jossan the nickname her fans gave her. As a Swedish footballer she plays in forward position, the position that got her to win many games.

In 2008 Summer Olympics was a midfielder. But unfortunately she was injured during the tournament and replaced with Maria Aronsson.

She is one of the hottest European Female athletes and she proved that was she did a bikini photoshoot for Slitz magazine in 2004.

Hottest European Female Athletes TOP 10 (10)
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