Hottest Female Celebrity Vegetarians | Top 10

17 July 2014

Hottest Female Celebrity Vegetarians | Top 10

Being a vegetarian means you have to adopt a different life style but what about the celebrities? The hottest female celebrity vegetarians have to adopt a even difficult life style due to the nature of their business.

But who are these famous movie stars and artists who adopted the vegetarian way and what made them do this.

Some of them are new to the vegetarian world and some are veterans of the non-meat life.

Some of them are well known and some don’t even make a big thing about their eating style but although the meat and other items were excluded from their diet they still are the hottest celebrities around.

So if you want a perfect body, lot’s of success and want to look like a million bucks check out these 10 hottest female celebrity vegetarian who adopted a different eating style and still make the headlines due to their beauty.

Let’s see who are the hottest female celebrity vegetarians and what made them pick up this lifestyle->

10. Maggie Q

First on our list is model and actress Maggie Q, a vegetarian for many years that some fans consider incredible hot in the series Nikita or Stalker, being awarded the sexiest crime fighter ever.

The decision to become vegetarian was the best thing she did in her life, added Maggie after she exposed all the benefits that this life style give her on set.

The beautiful actress even had e period when she was dating only fellow vegetarians but after that she said it was a mistake because being a vegetarian, beside a way of life, it can be considered a value and you cannot judge some by his or her values.

Also an activist for the animal rights association PETA she made numerous commercials and she was named PETA Asia-Pacific’s Person of the Year due to her role in influencing people to respect animal rights.

Hottest Female Celebrity Vegetarians
Maggie Q

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