Hottest Female Fitness Models |Top 10

24 June 2014

Hottest Female Fitness Models |Top 10

Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly gentlemen), we are about to get to know the sexiest bodies of the moment, the Hottest Female Fitness Models |Top 10.

It is obvious that lately fitness it’s not a sport mostly dedicated to men. There are more and more females practicing it and even going to competitions.

The result? They get an extremely sexy toned body that accentuates a woman’s best features. These fitness models –or “fitness babes” as they are often called by the gentlemen, are usually an inspiration for the ladies and a pleasure for the guys.

Many of them have online training programs, so you may know some of them. So, let’s see who has the fittest bodies of the moment:

10Caitlyn Bellamy

Caitlyn started to do fitness 6 years ago, while watching her mother compete at age 48 in a fitness show. So, it’s a passion that runs in the family for her.

She hired a trainer and trained for one full year before competing in her first show, in 2008. If you think it was easy for her, you are wrong. She actually said that before starting was skinny with little to no muscle, had poor eating habits and smoked a 1/2 pack a day. So, ambition was the most important factor.

She is also a mom and when asked about her favorite body part she said: “My abs! After 2 babies I still have a six pack. It was a lot of work but in the end totally worth it.”

She looks so determined and she encourages other moms to start working out by offering her example and saying that if you are healthy, there is no reason to not so sports.

Strong girls are sexy. Just look what she says: “Legs are my strongest body part so any exercise that I am able to lift a hefty amount of weight makes me feel powerful. Strong girls are sexy!”

Hottest Female Fitness Models |Top 10 - Caitlyn Bellamy
Hottest Female Fitness Models |Top 10 – Caitlyn Bellamy
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