Hottest Female Rappers

27 November 2014

Hottest Female Rappers | Top 10

After giving you an example or the richest female rappers in the industry we wanted to change a little bit the scenario and created the list with the hottest female rappers.

So guys practically these are the girls with the harsh lyrics, with the provocative ideas and the strongest language in the hip-hop and rap business.

The genre fans will definitely appreciate the fact that we managed to create a list based on the amount of sexiness and sex-appeal a woman has when she is dressing a fellow singer or when she tells a cruel story in her lyrics.

But these girls actually give the audience more than verses or lyrics, they give the image of rap goddesses who charm the male audience in their every clip and concerts.

So guys, stay tuned because in the following we will see which are the hottest female rappers, if they rapped together and what aliases they use on the stage.

10. Trina

The former girlfriend of superstar Lil Wayne and the model slash rapper Trina is one of the hottest female rappers, the industry can show the fans.

From this music domain few of the female rappers struggle to keep the image straight and hot like Trina does, maintaining close the male audience with sexiness.

After a few relationships like the one with NBA superstar Kenyon Martin and the one with rapper French Montana, the beautiful rapper is working on her sixth studio album and already released a track called “F*uck Love”.

After listening to the track and watching the video, we figured out that Katrina Laverne Taylor, is a 36 year old hottie whit a thing for love songs.

After a few songs where she talks about relationships, the things that go wrong, Trina started a foundation for those young girls who struggle life and have difficulties.

So guys, here we are with one of the hottest female rappers, a model which featured in many shows and internet based shows, a girl who is awarded for her rap songs, consistency in music and the messages she gives out through her songs.

# 10 Trina | Hottest Female Rappers  | Top 10 |  Image Source:huffingtonpost.com
# 10 Trina | Hottest Female Rappers | Top 10 | Image Source:huffingtonpost.com
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