Hottest Female Superheroes | Top 10

1 August 2014

Hottest Female Superheroes |Top 10

You all know the comics and for sure have a favorite superhero and if this character is a female you are in luck because we are going to see the hottest female superheroes.

Yeah this is the list with gorgeous, sexy, Hollywood stars who impersonate some fierce superheroes who battle the evil. So we think that a super important criteria for the list is the costume, the super power and the importance of the role. Secondary is the number of bad guys and last the hotness of the girl who plays the role. But guys it was a hard decision and we kind of mixed the criteria and came up with an one of a kind top were beauty is the number one thing we can focus on. Oh, I forgot, the hot smoking costumes as well.

So for the comicbook enthusiastic this is the perfect list to clear your eyes on because the real super ladies can rock your world from every point of view. Don’t go anywhere because we will show you the hottest female superheroes who save the fictionary world so we mortals could be safe. They are famous movie stars who despite some roles where they play normal, day to day characters, now they are the crime fighting, vilain chasing and trouble resolving women who everybody likes. Let the fun begin and let’s feast our eyes on the hottest female superheroes who are ready to save your life anytime. But be careful because these aren’t the kind of ladies who you want to mess with.

10.Anna Paquin as Rogue

From the X-men series the first super sexy hero is Rogue played by the beautiful actress Anna Paquin.

She is a Canadian who was born in New Zealand an started acting at the age of 11 when she also won the award for the supporting actress, making her the youngest person who won this award. With other awarded performances like the one in the TV series True Blood the actress will for sure make you want to see the movie where she has the power to absorb powers. Isn’t it the coolest power ever? Rogue,one of the superheroes who take the good side, appears in the series X-Men, and with the hottest outfit ever with some of kind of gloves who have a special purpose.

Even though she has the second role where she has superpowers Anna brings out sexy with a white highlight in her hair and she is a little bit careful with the others because her superpower could drain every bit of life out of them. So the gloves are a part of the tight sexy costume and have a unique role, to let her touch people without hurting them. But guys even if you like her and thought of kissing her it’s impossible because she has the same effect of draining powers not only with her hands but also with the lips and other parts of the body. So this is number 10 hottest female superheros an of limits girl who can save top u but also kill you with a touch of the hand.

Hottest Female Superheroes | Top 10
Anna Paquin as Rogue

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