Hottest Female Tennis Players | Top 10

15 September 2014

Hottest female tennis players | Top 10

The tennis world is so lucky and so are the fans of this sport because as we will show you in the next pages the hottest female tennis players make the game more interesting.

Straight from the court we would like to show to all tennis enthusiasts some of the most beautiful girls who make a living from playing against each other in the best tennis competitions.

No matter the rank the playing style or the number of trophies won some of them keep the audience alive during the match only for the fact that they are just gorgeous.

When the game intensifies the girls give it all to be the best and with some luck and a pretty tight game they manage to put up an incredible show.

But when the game is good and the girls rule the top of the final rankings, their looks are more appreciated and beside the sponsorship contracts they can actually book some fashion related or beauty related gigs.

No matter if they lose or win, they still are the hottest female tennis players out there and they know it, showing us the best of them on and off the tennis court.

With unique playing styles, good games, top ranks and big endorsements the girls make the tennis world better and give the audience a combination between sports and beauty.

Let’s see who are the hottest female tennis players and how this affects their game play->

10. Eugenie Bouchard

Starting the list of the hottest female tennis players is Eugenie Bouchard a Canadian player who just made it to the top ten worlds best female players.

Born on the February 25, 1994 the gorgeous Canadian has a unique playing style giving sings of spontaneity and agile mind.

She was described like an aggressive player who plays a game where she hits the ball quickly leaving the opponent no time to read her game.

With unpredictable ball direction changes and a high groundstroke tempo Eugenie made it to the 10 best players in the world and ranked number 10 hottest female tennis player, giving us a bonus feature when watching her game.

After her first WTA title, Grand Slam final and top 10 appearance she boosted in the world of sponsorship with a Coca-cola endorsement beside the Nike and Babolat contracts she already had.

Seems like the looks and the good game she offered in the past year made her spotlight material.

So getting our thing started we wanted to show you the first hot blonde who poses with the racket and tough game every time you watch the women’s single tournaments.

Hottest Female Tennis Players | Top 10
Eugenie Bouchard
Hottest Female Tennis Players | Top 10
Eugenie Bouchard

Number 9 does charity work->

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