10 Hottest Places on Earth

6 July 2015

10 Hottest Places on Earth

If you’re wondering which are the hottest places on Earth, this article covers it all!

Our planet is full of extreme climates and several locations are completely desolated.

Two-thirds of our planet is covered in water, while a full third of the remaining land is almost uninhabitable desert.

As you already figured it out, most of the world’s hottest places lie in that environment.

Here, the highest recorded temperature is 159.3 degrees Fahrenheit, making it difficult for human habitation.

10Wadi Halfa, Sudan – 93.8 degrees Fahrenheit

We begin our top 10 list of the hottest places on Earth with Wadi Halfa, a city located in the Northern state of Sudan.

As of 2007, Wadi Halfa had a population of 15.725.

Located amidst several ancient Nubian antiquities, Wadi Halfa features a subtropical desert climate and it’s one of the driest cities on the planet.

Their main source of water is Lake Nubia and the highest recorded temperature at Wadi Halfa is 93.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hottest Places on Earth | Wadi Halfa, Sudan
Wadi Halfa, Sudan via therealfullhouse.wordpress.com
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