Proofs that Red is Always Sexy

25 May 2016

Some say that redheads are the sexiest. These ten redhead characters definitely are the proofs.

What makes a redhead sexy? The answer may be simply the color of red. Red is commonly associated with sexiness. Red lips. Red dress. So, it should come as no surprise that people find a redhead sexy.

The perspective of redhead’s sexiness is also influenced by people’s belief that redheads have fiery tempers. It goes along with the term “wild in bed”.

From time to time, there have been many redhead characters appeared on both TV and movie screen. And most of them were associated with sexual appeal.

We gathered 10 hottest redhead characters ever seen on screen. It was a tough call. But these characters won’t disappoint you!

10. Abaddon – Supernatural

Top 10 Hottest Redhead Characters on Screen | Abaddon Supernatural
Top 10 Hottest Redhead Characters on Screen | Abaddon – Supernatural | source: spoilertv.com

In the Bible, Abaddon is mentioned as both a name of an angel and a place of destruction. In Supernatural season 9, it is a little bit of both.

Abaddon is one of the Knights of Hell. She came to the present world through time travel as she was hunting down the Men of Letters. Her presence brings out the destruction. Created by Lucifer the fallen angel, she possessed angelic power as well.

The King of Hell, Crowley, was overthrown by Abaddon. He hated her so immensely that he came up with the nick name: the world’s angriest ginger.

The actress, Alaina Huffman, really brought that sexy and scary vibe to the character. Unfortunately, Abaddon was killed by Dean Winchester in the end.

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