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Hottest Watches For Women 2016

Watches are one of the favorite accessory for women, and many of them have more than one.

What are the hottest watches?

I noticed that a lot of women wear big watches now, since the small ones are not so popular anymore.

The problem is there are a lot of types of watches. You may need one for sports, one for casual wear and one for dress-up, maybe even one for work.

There are a lot of  brands that produce beautiful and expensive watches, but most important, they’re very luxurious.

Hottest watches for Women Trends
Watch trends for women!
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What do you thing about Versace, Guess, Fossil, Burberry ?

Hottest Watches for Women 2015 2016
Hottest Watches for Women 2015 2016
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Like any other piece in your wardrobe, your watch needs to make sense with the rest of what you’re wearing. So be carefull what kind of clothes you choose.

If you want a watch with a little swagger and shimmer, there’s no substitute for one that’s gold. You can find a good one for as little as $100 from brands like Fossil, Timex, and Nixon. Just handle it with extra care and steer clear of polishes.

Michael Kors | Hottest Watches for Women
Michael Kors | Hottest Watches for Women
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Hottest Watches for Women
Marc by Marc Jacobs
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Be ready to throw down at least twenty grand for a Rolex and around $40,000 for others.

Tips :

  • Every outfit should have a timepiece.
  • You can afford a gold watch, except what kind of gold do you want.
  • First, you pay for the name, there is no doubt. But you also pay for the longevity of the watch.
  • Choose the one you think it’s right for you.

Hottest Watches For Women 2013

Hottest Watches For Women 2013

I just love how they look with these beautiful bracelets.

Don’t forget about rose gold watches.

Hottest Watches For Women 2013 Rose-Gold-Watches-534x368

You might want to check out the most expensive watches in the world!

Time is important so don’t be late !

Kisses, Irina

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