Hottest Women Celebrities Over 40 | Top 10

4 August 2014

Hottest Women Celebrities Over 40 | Top 10

With age comes sexiness in a classy way, and you’re in for a treat because we’re going to see who are the hottest women celebrities over 40.

Celebrities have their own high-end ways of staying thin, attractive, and young, even if they’re not in their 20’s. They prove that age is just a number, and 40 is just the sexier, classier, better version of 20.

The hot Hollywood celebrities look even better than when they were younger, because they’ve learnt how to polish their style, and how to be provocative without being too naked.

They are Hollywood’s best looking stars over 40 years old, and we can’t do anything but envy them. And you know what they say, the older the wine, the better. So let’s have a look at the hottest celebrities over 40!

10.Jennifer Aniston

The first hot celebrity over 40 is no other than Jennifer Aniston.

The former Friends star is not just sexy, but she was also included on lists such as Best Dressed, or Most Beautiful and Sexiest Women.

The actress is 45 and you have to admit, she looks pretty hot! Men’s Health magazine voted her the sexiest woman of all time. Way to go Jen!

Hottest Women Celebrities Over 40 - 10. Jennifer Aniston
Hottest Women Celebrities Over 40 – 10. Jennifer Aniston
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