How do real estate dreams come true with trading on Forex

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    Sometimes earning money on Forex is considered to be a beautiful legend. But the world’s best traders can argue with this viewpoint. Team of JustForex decided to tell you about TOP billionaires who have made the colossal fortune with trading on Forex.

    1. George Soros is the most famous Forex billionaire. He is called the “King of trading”. It’s hard to believe, but Soros used to work as a railway porter and as a waiter in student times. Now he owns not only $24.9 billion, but also a 16-roomed apartment in New York, 2 huge mansions nearby and many other luxury things. Recently, when he was 83 years he married a beautiful woman who is half his age! This is life!

    2. Stanley Druckenmiller started his financial career as a management trainee in a bank. After getting experience in financial sphere he decided to start trading. Now his personal wealth is $4,4 billion. Like Soros, he has a great multimillion mansion in Southampton.

    3. Billionaire Bruce Kovner is a former New York cab driver. At the age of 32 he decided to work on Forex and made $1000 on the first two trades. Now his net worth is over $5 billion, he owns the historical mansion of Willard D. Straight (NY) for $17 million and invested $10 million to make it the best residence for him.

    4. Steve Cohen is a trader who was called the “Prince of Wall Street” by New York Times. He started with trading options and later began working with hedge funds. Cohen’s net worth is $13 billion for 2016. He can’t live without luxury mansions, that’s why he has several of them. Greenwich Compound ($23.1 million), Bloomberg Tower Duplex ($115 million), Abingdon Maisonette ($23.4 million), West Village Building ($38.8 million), New Hamptons Summer Home ($62.5 million), another Hamptons Summer Home ($18 million).

    5. John Paulson whose net worth is $8.6 billion, worked as a financial advisor at the beginning of the career. He earned nearly $5 billion in just one year and went from no name advisor to a legend. Except plenty of money he owns luxurious Aspen ranch ($30 million), Hala Ranch ($49 million) and a lakeside Southampton estate called “Old Trees” ($41.3 million).

    Now you see that trading can bring you a really great fortune. And it’s no matter whether you are a waiter or a cab driver. Nothing is impossible! The only point is to learn and practice. You can do everything you want if you really wish it.

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