How Much Does Love Cost Actually?

18 March 2016

How Much Does Love Cost?

Now that all of the Valentine’s Day jazz has passed, you get to find out just How Much Does Love Cost.

Is it more important to spend hours in expensive shops to find the perfect gift or could you have replaced that with some free of charge quality time with your loved one?

Yes, money speaks to everybody and there’s a song which tells us that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” for a reason, but can any material object mean more to someone than what I think is the most expensive thing a person has to offer you, ergo their time?

How Much Does Love Cost
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The moment your loved one starts giving you more material gifts to avoid giving you the amount of attention you desire, is one point to stop and think whether this is really going to work or you are both just fooling yourselves.

Money can get you that expensive car to ride in with your lover one into the sunset feeling like you’re in a typical American Romance, and it can also get you that expensive ring you can show everybody, subtly implying that your relationship is going so great.

Here’s a list of a few things money, unfortunately, can’t buy: time and health, essential things in life, don’t you think?

The next time you’re wimping about the fact that some other girl got more flowers than you, and that new Channel perfume, or some guy in your office got the latest Armani watch from his girlfriend, ask yourself, do you really need all of those things?

What are you going to remember in the years to come? Some boring perfume or an incredible night spent by the sea, with the wind slowly blowing the salty air, and only hearing the sound of the sea waves and your lover’s heartbeat?

This has been thoroughly debated, whether it is better to just be alone and have the presence of your loved one represented by the jewellery, cars and clothes they gift you, or to have less and be more together.

Yes, gifts are important, but what will you value more, an expensive necklace from Tiffany’s that you and 1000 other girls have, or a smaller, meaningful gift that he gave you from the heart.

The picture of you two on your first date, on your first road trip, that will make you think back to all of those amazing moments when you are feeling low.

Time is impossible to get back, you are never going to meet again with any minute of your life that has already passed, having said that, the fact that someone is willing to give you their time to spend together, that they will never be able to get back seems pretty remarkable to me.

When you ask yourself how much does love cost you need to think big, not to the many Birkins Kanye gave to Kim but to all of the irreversible time you are willing to “sacrifice” from your limited amount and give to somebody else.

There you have it, the not-so-mathematical result to the rising question, love costs you your time which is, of course, priceless and not refundable, so think well before you start giving it away too easily.