How to be a Charismatic Person | 5 Easy Tips

26 January 2014

How to be a Charismatic Person | 5 Easy Tips

Why are some people charismatic while others are not? Knowing how to be a charismatic person can be an important advantage in both your professional, as well as your personal life.

Charisma is not something that you’re born with – you cultivate it along the way. Throughout this learning process, tips, tricks and secrets of people who are charismatic are key to developing and growing your own charisma.

Synonyms for charisma include alluring, captivating, charming, magnetic, and even seductive. It is a powerful tool to have in your pocket and that is why Ealuxe is giving you the top five secrets, tips and tricks for upgrading your charisma levels.

Here they are, the top 5 tips for being a charismatic person:

How to be a Charismatic Person | 5 Easy Tips

#5 Be a Good Listener

In conversations, listen attentively. Engage. Be empathic.

Attention is definitely one of the key factors in the conversation game – whether it’s the other person’s name or their last important business merger.  Avoid checking your phone or eye-gazing around the room. If, however, you wish to find someone more important, make the conversation brief and move on graciously.

Trick: When being introduced to someone, try immediately repeating their name in order to remember it. For example: “John, it’s nice to meet you!”

How to be a Charismatic Person | 5 Easy Tips

#4 Focus on the Other Person

Let the person you’re talking to be the focus of the conversation. Make them feel like they’ve got your full attention.

Trick: Don’t let your ego drive the conversation. If charisma is what you’re looking for, you must check your ego in at the door.

How to be a Charismatic Person | 5 Easy Tips

#3 Speak Body Language

Body language is the “secret sauce” in your personal charisma. Try to be open, confident and approachable. When walking up to someone for a conversation, smile, establish eye-contact and shake hands.

Own the room you’re walking into. Think President Obama.

Trick: Don’t overdo it. Smile authentically – the easiest way to achieve this is by smiling with your eyes, not just your mouth.

How to be a Charismatic Person | 5 Easy Tips

#2 Tell Great Stories

Be relevant and speak with conviction. Keep up to date with current affairs – people admire those who are in the know.

Trick: Replace tentative words like “I think”, “I hope” or “I feel” with words that reflect self-confidence: “I am sure”.

How to be a Charismatic Person | 5 Easy Tips

#1 Be Self-Confident

Once you’re comfortable with who you are, your optimism and self-confidence will shine through. It will be easier for others to look up to you if you like yourself.

Trick: Try seeing the glass half-full and being consistent about your optimism.

Now that you’ve learned the secrets on how to be charismatic person, don’t forget about the most important part: practice. Practice really does make perfect!

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