How To Be An Influential Person

13 November 2013

How To Be An Influential Person

If you want some tips and tricks about How To Be An Influential Person, in the next minutes we’ll present to you some suggestions about how to do this.

Any person who owns an important position knows how important is to exert influence over your audience. Of course, this is almost always a challenge because you never know what kind of people are listening to you or what they expect from you so even if you prepare a speech for sure to you will need improvise to be successful and to know the following advices. Now imagine that you could have the ability to convince someone to do anything you wanted. Sound impossible right? Though many people are mastering the art of persuasion like the salesman, cult leaders and of course a man in a leadership role..

These are some steps that you should know if you want to influence an audience.

-> Know your audience:

Before you start a speech it’s very important to know who are the people from your audience. To do this you could empathise with them, make a joke, try to make a connection and just see how they react after that construct your arguments to show why your is better than theirs.

-> Gain their trust:

People are always wary if someone is trying to change their minds so this is why at your introduction in a few minutes is good to gain their trust and convince them that you are sincere. Show them why they should listen to you.

-> Find common ground:

You need to put yourself in their shoes and find which are their concerns after that try to mix your own opinions and ideas with theirs. Show to your audience that you are doing what’s best for them and that your values and ideas mesh with their.

-> Structure it well:

 Even you prepare you speech or an essay you will always need to improvise so make sure that you have a structure, don’t mess up with your ideas. Try to save your powerful arguments for last and always try to keep their minds captive at you and what are you presenting.

-> Appeal to self-interest:

From my experience I can tell that every time when you need to convince someone of an idea, you’ll have more success if you show them what they have to gain from it and just for you to know, this is a question that everyone always has at the back of their mind.

-> Feed their ego:

This represents a strategic flattery, no matter who or they are, complementing people works if you know how to do it. Find what your audience prides and complement those things, this will show that you recognize their qualities.

-> Appeal to the authority:

Anyone will believe an expert. If an expert says something, it must be true. So use them in your talk. Try to figure it out about expert opinions in your domain and explain them to your audience.

-> Be unique:

Make yourself or your ideas seem unique or rare, and people will listen carefully about what are you saying. Are many ways to do this, you can try to show your audience that you own some information that any competitors don’t. My philosophy teacher thought me everytime before I do an essay or I prepare a speech to think about how others will and try to make it different but to range the essential in it.

-> Be confident:

This one of the most important things we told you about. I really need to be confident in your ideas before you can convince others of them. If you have any hesitations people will see. So, be confident! Will guarantee your success.

Hope you liked our article about How To Be An Influential Person, use these advices, tell us how they worked for you because for us these are priceless.

As John C. Maxwell said ” Leadership is influence.”

Learn how to use your powers of persuasion well and at the appropriate moments.

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