How to Be More with Less: The 7 Must Have Fashion Items for Women

7 January 2016

How to Be More with Less: The 7 Must Have Fashion Items for Women

Sometimes “Less is more” and we intend to prove it with these iconic 7 Must Have Fashion Items for Women!

A true lady always pays attention to her wardrobe items because she wants to look her best everyday, regardless the situation.

Thanks to this love of beauty, some “timeless” fashion items were born.

They continue to thrive up to this day and will do it for many years to come because of their mesmerizing simplicity.

It is possible to be elegant without spending too much money if you choose clothes that are “immortal” for the fashion industry. By doing this, you will be in style anywhere you go because they are very easy to find and even more comfortable to wear.

Here are seven must have fashion items every woman should own and take great care of!

1. The Striped Blouse (The Breton Stripe)

Although this particular piece of clothing was introduced in France to help locate overboard sailors it became one of the most stylish pieces of clothing you can own!

This design was introduced into the fashion world by the amazingly talented Gabrielle Chanel through her 1917 Nautical Collection. Chanel designed the piece to be paired with long flared trousers.

Nowadays, this is part of The Parisian Chic Look and it’s a very comfortable way to be in style because you can pair it with almost anything!

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2. Accessories

Accessories are very important for a well-dressed woman. If you cannot afford buying many clothes you should choose accessories that match with most colours, like black, navy or brown rather than red or green, for example. Always remember to not buy much but make sure that what you buy is of higher quality!

Also, do not forget what Christian Dior said: “One accent is enough.”

Must Have Fashion Items for Women
Must Have Fashion Items for Women: Accessories | via weddinginspirasi.com

3. The Black Blazer

The Black Blazer is a must have if you want to be in style on a daily basis! A blazer looks good on every body type and you can pair it with almost anything, just like the striped blouse. Owning a blazer is very useful because you can also wear it at work or at school.

Must Have Fashion Items for Women
Must Have Fashion Items for Women: The Black Blazer | via houseofevansblog.com

4. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats have a history that goes all the way back to the 16th century, period in which they were popular among both men and women.

They slightly came out of fashion in the 17th and 18th centuries, when the high-heeled shoe was introduced. Heels went out of fashion quickly though, after Marie Antoinette faced the guillotine in a pair of heels.

Audrey Hepburn brought them back when she paired them with a pair of skinny jeans in 1957, in her movie Funny Face”

Must Have Fashion Items for Women
Must Have Fashion Items for Women: Ballet Flats | via behindballet.com

5. The Trench Coat

If you wish to purchase a piece of clothing that will keep you warm and dry in the autumn rain but also stylish, consider purchasing an A-line Trench Coat. This simple yet chic piece of clothing can be paired even with a suit. This item of clothing was initially designed for Army officers but remained in fashion even after the two World Wars.

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6. The Little Black Dress

There is no wardrobe without a Little Black Dress. We owe it to Gabrielle Chanel, the woman who revolutionized a fashion world owned by men. With this simple yet elegant concept women can own a fashionable yet comfortable item of clothing which they can also pair with almost any accessory.

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must have fashion items for women
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7. The Black Stilettos

The Black Stilettos have a way of bringing out your femininity on any occasion. They were named after the stiletto dagger which had a long slender blade and a needle-like point. As well as keeping you in fashion at any time because they can be paired with almost anything, they make your legs look slimmer!

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must have fashion items for women
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By purchasing these items you will give your wardrobe a “fresh start” and you will be able to come up with more outfit ideas than you think just because they can be easily paired.

They will boost your confidence and will bring out your inner lioness while looking stylish and classy! These must have fashion items for women will make you feel like a whole different person if you take good care of them.