How To Choose A Business Suit

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How To Choose A Business Suit


Since spring’s around the corner you can have a little fun with colors, textures and styles, because the classic gentleman suit now comes in whatever way one pleases.

So don’t be afraid to put your „little black suit” a little behind in your closet and learn how to choose a business suit!

How To Choose A Business Suit

Whoever said that men need just a few items like jeans, T-shirts and a suit, clearly didn’t spend enough time shopping. Just like women, men can have a good time while searching for clothes because for a businessman appeals matter. Even if the basic „little black suit” is the easiest way to escape from the every morning styling routine, one gets bored of wearing the same thing every time no matter how good it looks.

So today, in our article on how to choose a business suit we’re gonna focus on quality, textures and nuances when it comes to menswear suits. You’ll see how a lighter shade to your outfit can change your whole outfit or how a different textile material for you suit can put you in a whole different style.

How To Choose A Business Suit

We’re going to start with the most common type of textile for suits: wool. Wool suits are the perfect textile material for a modern business suit. It can be easily packed without having the trouble of ironing it a lot, it’s very versatile and you can shape it however you want. It’s also a very accessible material. Wool suits are perfect for wearing all year long, whether it’s spring or winter. Also they do not deteriorate quickly.

The chromatic palette for wool suits is never-ending. Since it’s a very  versatile material when it comes to seasons, you can choose from any light shades to dark ones. We recommend navy, camel, light blue, indigo, chocolate brown and beige.

How To Choose A Business Suit
Wool Suits

Tweed suits have the whole vintage business man appeal that is very fancy and can be beautifully shaped. If you like this textile, you can try a tweed jacket to cover your suit during the spring rain. If you’re interested in purchasing a tweed suit, we recommend buying it in fall and winter. For spring choose something lighter and more comfortable.

 For tweed clothing items, you can choose from an earthy color palette. Go for light shades of grey, dark brown, light brown, khaki-green and dark blue.

How To Choose A Business Suit
Tweed Suit

Flannel suits are just like tweed suits, a textile that was very popular in the past, but quite difficult to modernize today. But, if you’re interested in being and feeling like Don Draper for a day, we totally recommend it.  Flannel suits are to be worn in winter and chromatically you can choose the same as for tweed suits.

How To Choose A Flannel Suit
Flannel Suit
Jay Gatsby in a flannel suit
Jay Gatsby in a flannel suit

Linen suits are the most comfortable types of suits from the branch. That’s why you can only wear them during spring and summer. They are very simple, easy to feel and very light colored. The major problem with linen suits are the fact that it’s easily wrinkled. It’s a suit you’d like to pack on a cruise to Greece. It’s also one of the most featured types of suits in James Bond.

How To Choose A Business Suit
Linen Suit

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