I Motorbiked Across Bali for a Month

18 November 2015

My name is Jacob Laukaitis. In the past 2 years I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries around the world and I’m not stepping down anytime soon.

I’m able to do this, because I’m a digital nomad – meaning as long as I have my computer and a Wi-Fi, I can work anywhere I go and thus I never lose my income.

I’m currently focusing most of my time on building ChameleonJohn.com – an online coupons company I co-founded a year and a half ago.

An adventure to me is something off the beaten track. Something I haven’t experienced yet. Adventuring is even better together, that’s why we created this tradition at our company of traveling to and exotic location every year. Our travel checklist currently consists of Koh Samui in Thailand and, of course, Bali.

We rented a beautiful villa in Seminyak and enjoyed a whole month of living, working and experiencing fascinating encounters.

Bali was incredible – everything is fascinating to me each time I go there: the culture, the people, the food, the unbelievable scenery, beautiful temples and vast rice fields. I can’t wait to return to Bali after finally becoming fluent in Bahasa Indonesia because each day I spent there is stuck deep inside my heart.

I’d be driving around the island with a motorbike, visiting every captivating place I see ‘till I’m too exhausted to continue. I’d drag myself back home wasted and sun-burned, but every moment I spent there was totally worth it.

Even though I was there for a month, it was far from enough. There will always be more food to eat, people to meet and sceneries to admire in Bali. You can never visit every place and fully understand their culture no matter how long you stay but if I could do this trip all over again I’d do everything exactly the same.

The time I spent there is something I will carry in my heart for all my life. I hope that the next time I come to Bali I’ll stay for at least three months, because the only regret I have is that I couldn’t stay longer.

I made a 2-minute video of my journey. You can see it here:

If you would like to find more information about me or my trip you can visit my personal website JacobLaukaitis.com and my Instagram profile where I post the most memorable moments from my trips.