10 Incredible Paydays Of The Celebs

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Incredible Paydays Of The Celebs Who Earn Like No Others

These are the most incredible pay days of the celebs, moments that rounded their wealth’s with million dollar deals.

So if you think celebrities earn big, think again because some deals break the bank when it comes to the amount of money they receive after taxes.

After years of making money and bulking up their bank accounts the celebrities have days when they make even more stacking up for rainy days.

Let’s see how much some celebrities earn and what did they do for these incredible pay days.

10. Gareth Bale

Number ten on the list of incredible pay days we wanted to go into the sport’s world because this amazing soccer player who came from Tottenham Spurs earns a big buck daily.

We are talking about young Gareth Bale, who came to Real Madrid in the 2013 season, the Spanish team buying him for the whopping sum of $118 million.

So far so good, at that time the player signed the contract for a 6 year period and upon his signing he was granted 3 million.

Breaking the ice from the soccer world, since then, Gareth Bale has been doing pretty well because as we know he is making somewhere around $70,000 day, not including endorsements and other money that he is making.

#10 Gareth Bale | Incredible Pay Days Of The Celebs | Image Source: ibtimes.co.uk
#10 Gareth Bale | Incredible Paydays Of The Celebs | Image Source: ibtimes.co.uk
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