15 Traits of the Inferior Man

9 May 2021

Are You an Inferior Man? Find Out the Answer by Reading on About the Traits of the Toxic Inferior Man.

Hello Aluxers and welcome back! After the extremely positive feedback we have received last week on the traits of the superior man, it was time to take a look at the other, toxic side of the coin.

The Inferior man is everywhere amongst us, and even in ourselves.

By the end of this piece, we strive to shine a light on what traits that hold us or others back. You will think of specific people and specific events when you have encountered inferior men or women in your life. 

This article is about them! 

If you identify with these behaviors, this is the perfect opportunity to address them and as a result evolve.

As usual, here is the video version of this article:

Buckle up. We’re cutting deep today! Here are 15 Traits of the Inferior man!


Entitled & Greedy

Entitlement and greed go hand-in-hand.

The inferior man, throughout his life is characterised by the fact that:

He takes more than he gives & he wants more than he needs.

They believe YOU owe them something, that for some makebelief reason they deserve more than you and you should provide it. You will hear it in their speech, you will see it in their actions. 

They ask for respect without earning it. 

They demand service, without giving anything in return. They demand your time, for in their opinion, theirs is worth more than yours.

The truth is, these people are almost always dependent on others. You know them very well and have encountered them many times in life.

These are some of your elders, some of your peers or even some of your children.

They have an almost parasitic relationship with others. They don’t want to leave this comfortable nest they’ve made for themselves. 

They steal your shine, take praise for your work, or live off your effort. 

They are the child that still lives with the parents despite being a mature adult. They rely on these other people to provide them with comfort, with money and alleviate pain. 

They’ve done nothing to deserve any of this, but demand it as if it was a birthright.


Emotionally Fragile

The toxic inferior man is controlled by his emotions. He bursts out in anger, he yells, he throws a tantrum very much like a young child does. 

Fragility is the quality of things to be vulnerable to change in the surrounding environment!

They don’t like change, they don’t like to be challenged. They don’t like it when things don’t go their way, despite life providing harsh wake-up calls. 

They’re almost delusional in their entitlement and everything that conflicts with their perceived reality almost breaks their internal operating system.

These people are emotional messes. They are all over the place. They can be abusive or at the polar opposite where everyone takes advantage of them because they are too scared to to go against anybody.

They want everyone to love them, to care for them, to give them a sense of worth. 

When they don’t get it, they choose to escape in make belief realities. They live in their own world, because real life isn’t that great an experience for them.

The sad thing is that: If these people would put the same amount of effort and energy into figuring themselves out and putting order in the chaos of their lives they could actually turn things around and no longer need to escape… to flee from reality, because reality would serve them.


People Tolerate Them, but Nobody Likes Them

They’re the people who end up in the far end of the friendzone – at the very edge where they’re almost not even a friend.

The inferior man falls in love easily, but the emotions are not reciprocated because they are so toxic. 

This happens once, happens twice then a third time.. And because of the entitlement and of the fragility we mentioned earlier, the problem obviously isn’t with them. Instead… all women are evil.. And all men are pigs.

The inferior man doesn’t have a best friend, they’re one of the friends of someone who has a best friend.

They’re frustrated & want the attention. They’d do anything to be one of the cool kids, but lack the understanding that coolness is one’s ability to be nonchalantly yourself!

Even when they’re together, they still feel alone deep down. They walk behind the group. 

Their presence doesn’t improve the quality of the time spent together. 

Sometimes, their absence is a positive sum game. They’re that annoying co-worker that brings the mood down. They’re the boss that doesn’t motivate anybody. They’re the weird kid your parents made you play with that would sniff glue in the bushes and now that he’s grown up, the glue has been replaced with something else. 

If you want to be more likeable, find out what not to do by checking out, 15 Everyday Things That Make You Less Likeable.


Uneducated & Loud

This is a terrible combination.

The inferior man loves to hear himself speak! In their opinion, they have all the answers despite not understanding any of the facts.

They believe feelings are truth. For them, how they feel always trumps what the facts are and for that reason alone, the facts must be false.

Their inability to understand the fabrics of reality on top of everything we’ve mentioned earlier, makes them terrible members of society.

Every uneducated person is a caricature of themselves!

They talk a lot but don’t say much. They don’t read, they don’t explore, they don’t want to hear why they’re wrong.. As if God himself bestowed all knowledge there is to know onto them already.

They don’t understand that knowledge is valuable information in motion. It’s fluid. It grows, it evolves and it develops in time.

Think of a child that the only education they get is at school and nothing outside of it…

Yet people still associate education with academic studies.

There’s nothing more dangerous than the people who have the illusion of knowledge and the confidence to scream it out into the world. 

They believe in increasing the volume instead of improving the argument. The inferior man is toxic, loud and in your face. 

We said this before when talking about financial success: money shouts, wealth whispers!

It’s the same with knowledge. The more you understand about the world, the less of a need to yell it out you feel.

In a weird way:

Silence is like intermittent fasting for the mind!

You don’t feel the need to talk unless your input improves reality.


Has Not Found His Identity

The inferior man draws his identity for the group… and there’s always a new group where these toxic people are looking for acceptance.

They’re like the child that’s going through a phase without realising it, but instead of taking a piece from every phase and building an identity, they throw out everything with every new variation. Vegan today, carnivore diet tomorrow. 

These are the fake male feminists who are there only to get laid. They’ll say and do anything to get acceptance, approval and feel some kind of worth.

Remember when you had a crush and found out what kind of music they liked so you started listening to the same bands in order to impress them?! They do that now and only the colors on the poster have changed.

Exposing yourself to as many ideas as possible is quite a valuable trait, but that’s not what the inferior man does. Instead of absorbing the positives they embody the group identity with both the good and the bad.

Einstein said it best when he said:

When we all think alike, no one thinks very much!

The problem with groupthink is that bad ideas go unchallenged! They set high walls for themselves where everyone who’s outside the walls becomes an enemy..

Not knowing who you are is extremely stressful, but identities don’t come in cookie cutter shapes, so don’t try to alter your shape just to fit in.


It’s Never Their Fault

The reasoning is quite simple. Since they’re entitled to the outcome that they want & are ignorant in understanding why the world doesn’t just give it to them, it’s obviously not their fault when something doesn’t go their way.. It’s the world’s fault.

The inferior man thinks everyone else is at fault for what is happening to them… Others aren’t worthy so they are cheating in order to get ahead. They all got lucky… They all schemed their way or got preferential treatment.

When things go south, the inferior man is quick to put the blame on others. They have a long list of external factors that lead to the negative outcome. 

They don’t have their own name on that list. Why would they..

The fact that their life is shitty is because of others. The world doesn’t allow him to be great. 

They’re all waiting for someone to hand them the life they believe they deserve. 


Laziness and Short Term Thinking

The inferior man wants immediate results. They want to get a shredded body quickly, they want to get rich fast, they want the love of their life to come knocking on their door today… all without lifting a finger.

They think that others who got it, know some secret or are privileged to some occult knowledge that if they got their hands onto themselves would quickly improve their lives, but these people don’t want to share it with him.. So he resents them.

They laugh at hard workers, they judge those who wake up early, they giggle at those who run when they’re having the time of their lives sitting on the bench. They know better than that.

They worked out once… they didn’t like it and the results weren’t showing, so the process must not work… the toxic inferior man concluded. It’s the same with money, wealth and love. 

Why endure pain if there’s not an immediate reward?! 

So he doesn’t endure pain. Every decision they make is focused on making the present more comfortable, even if it’s at the expense of the future. 

The world is filled with willing people, some willing to go after it and others willing to let them!

These are the people you know that grew old thinking they could’ve made it in their respective fields if they wanted to… but they didn’t want to or something external kept them from it. 


They Put Down Others To Make Themselves Feel Better

The inferior man is both the one that is toxic and puts others down for their pleasure as well as the person who is being put down by others.

A superior man doesn’t need to put others down to make himself feel better as he is not toxic. They would also not allow anyone to put them down, or put others down, that’s what makes them superior, not a flinch of power someone entrusted you with. 

The toxic inferior man demands respect through power or any other sort of leverage. These are the people who give you a gift or do you a favor once and they keep reminding you about it forever. 

In their eyes you owe them a debt that they’re going to collect in perpetuity. 

Very much like sociopaths, they find pleasure in putting people down. Their brain fills with just the right chemicals and make them feel like their on top of the world. 

They go through life by comparing it with that of others. They enjoy this middle of the hierarchy position for it allows them to look down on others. 

When looking upwards, they only see stairs that need climbing, so they’ll kiss every ass, agree and change stance as long as they can stretch their necks just a bit upwards.

The reality is that they despise those above them.



Envy is a very strong emotion that shows up in weak people. 

We envy in others what we believe we deserve!

Envy is the last form of entitlement, where just because someone has achieved something worthwhile, we wish we had it ourselves without doing the work they did. 

There’s a slight difference between being inspired by the success of other versus envious of their achievements. 

The inferior man fails to understand why others are reaping rewards when in their eyes they’re more than deserving of them. They believe they’re great and the others suck. 

“Why is she with him, when he’s a douchebag and I’m such a nice guy?” – the inferior man asks himself, not realizing they’re not actually that nice but are toxic..

They want success, they want love, they want praise… yet society is coming at them with a wakeup call that they choose to ignore. That’s how envy is being born.

Envy in itself is a declaration of inferiority!

For a superior man, doesn’t need what others have!


Never Hits His Goals

A recurring theme in their life is the failure to meet their own goals. They have wishes that they tell others of, but never do any of the work. 

When they do some, they complain about how hard and how much work there is… they quickly find that external reason to blame for their lack of progress.

Because of their shortsightedness, they don’t think long-term and achieving goals requires long term thinking. 

You must have long term goals in order to deal with short term failures!

As individuals, we expand by the amount of effort we make in proportion with the goals we set for ourselves. The bigger the goals, the more strategic we have to become with our effort. 

The inferior man has paper hands.

Even when he’s holding onto a good opportunity, he screws it up. He’s panicking, he’s jealous… overall… he’s not in control.

If you go to goalsbyalux.com right now you can scroll down and take a look at the curriculum of Goal Mastery and see the systematic approach one should have in order to achieve their goals. 

The inferior man fails at all the steps in that process.


He Wants To Be the Only One Who Wins

It’s not enough for him to win… the toxic inferior man wants everyone else to fail. 

As if… other people’s success would somehow take away from his own. 

He’s driven by seeing others envy him.

There’s this underlying belief in the inferior man where:

Everybody wants to see you do well, just not better than them!

You probably know someone like that! We all do.

In their eyes: If they can’t get it, nobody else should. 

They don’t even want you to try. They want you cut your chances of being better before they even start.

These are the people who will tell you that you can’t possible do what they’ve done, because you’re not like them; they’re special.

They tell you about everyone else who failed trying and that you’re better off just giving up now, why run the risk of humiliation? They do this, because deep down they know it’s not that complicated. It takes a little bit of practice to put things together, but if everyone else made the progress that they made, they won’t feel great anymore.

While the superior man embraces the challenge of self-improvement, the inferior man is so toxic he prefers to stop anyone else from catching up to him.



This is a very tricky subject, because no matter how hard you try, one can not purchase a good reputation, especially from those who know you!

The inferior man has a bad reputation because they’re always going to prioritise what is convenient and self-serving over their role in the community. 

The thing is, this strategy only works if you will never need the community and if history has taught us anything, is that one is always better off with the community supporting him.

Your actions are the price you pay for your reputation! If you take care of your actions, your reputation will take care of itself.

A good reputation is more valuable than money!

Because people are always willing to give money to those with a good reputation! People are willing to help those with a good reputation because they trust them. 

People support those who they trust and trust is earned by proving that you do what you say you do in a truthful manner.

What the average person needs to understand is that:

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do!

As individuals we judge ourselves by our intent and others by their actions. One’s reputation is solely based on actions.

Many young people don’t realise that as time goes by, the value of one’s reputation increases as their ability to alter it declines, so take care of it.


Believes Others Are Worth Less Than Him Due to Factors Outside of Their Control

This is basically our more polite way of saying that they are racists, misogynistic, homophobe or a bigot.

If any of these people are minding their own business and you come swinging at them, you’re the problem.

Inferior men always feel the need to prove to the world that there’s someone else that they deem inferior. 

No-one who is truly happy and fulfilled would go after people minding their own business. 

This hatred that they feel towards others is an instilled one. Nobody is born with this hatred, they learn it from other uneducated people and grow carrying it around.

You were born where and the way you were born, by chance. You could have easily been born on the other side of the fence, with a different skin color, worshiping a different god and yelling back at the same people you identify with today. 

From an anthropological perspective, there is no such thing as race.. We are the human race. We choose to add all these twists, terms, names in order to facilitate disagreement and feel better about the camp that we happened to pop in. 


Not Free

The inferior man is not a free man. 

They don’t own their time, they don’t own their life, they don’t own themselves.

Somebody else does.

Somebody else tells them what to do, when to do it, what to wear when they do it, for they will punish the inferior man if they don’t abide by the rules they impose.

The inferior man puts his head down and swallows it all as he jumps back on the hamster wheel of life.

They marry who other people tell them to marry. They study what other people tell them to study. They sell their time, brain and bodies and in exchange get only a small portion of the spoils, enough just to keep him able to come back tomorrow and do the same.

The life of the inferior man is owned by others; maybe not directly, but there are people in the back of your mind who dictate the decisions we believe we make ourselves. 


When He Goes To Bed at Night or Is Alone the Inferior Man Is Unhappy

We’ve never met a greedy person who sleeps well at night.

They’re haunted by the past, by the present and by the future.

You don’t forget the things you’ve done. These might fade away now and then, but they’ll always come back to you. 

The inferior man lacks happiness because he is toxic. He tried to pursue it and failed, so now he’s settled for misery and contempt. 

Society walks away from the inferior man who always seeks conflict.  Eventually even those close to you will walk away if all you do is be angry and resentful towards their happiness.

The battle the inferior man is fighting isn’t with others but with themselves. 

Always remember that the people who are coming to destroy your happiness do so out of jealousy. They are unhappy with their own miserable lives and if they can’t be happy they don’t want others to be happy either. 

There are many different types of inferior men and women, but their inferiority is brought on by the way they position themselves not only in society, but in their own eyes.


So we’re asking you to think about you and those you know and share with us an example when you have encountered an inferior man and what that experience has taught you! Please leave your insights in the comments!