Innovative Light Fixture | Fine Living

28 March 2014

Innovative Light Fixture | Fine Living

Today I’m going to show you something that will make you change your view on interior design.

It seems that more and more people come up with awesome ideas on how to make our indoors experiences better and cooler.

So they started with the most important thing in a room, the lightning. Because if there’s no light in it, how are you going to see the rest?

They took it one step further and totally rethink the design and made it a lot smarter than your usual light fixture.

Who are they you might ask. Well, when I say they, I refer to an innovative light fixture manufacturer Selux and design studio ART+COM who have teamed up to create this visionary light fixture called  Manta Rhei.

You must be curious how it looks like, so let’s take a quick peek at this light fixture !

Innovative Light Fixture | Fine Living

Beside looking fantastic, the innovative light fixture also moves, constantly changing its appearance. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday!

Innovative Light Fixture | Fine Living

The OLED-based light fixture combines kinetic movement and precise lighting control that brings a new experience of light for interiors.

Innovative Light Fixture | Fine Living

Among other things, the innovative light fixture simulates the gentle movement of a manta ray, from that, taking its name.

Just imagine having this baby in your house, I bet it will never get boring there!

Innovative Light Fixture | Fine Living

The Manta Rhei is able to project lighting intensity onto a surface and its able to adjust its its light output, and the result is amazing. A light fixture that comes to light, constantly changing  the room’s appearance.

Innovative Light Fixture | Fine Living

I most definetley would want one in my house, but how about you? I bet you never give attention to your light fixture. Well to this one you would, because you won’t be able to take your eyes of it. It’s that spectacular!

Let’s see it in action!

So what do you think, would you want one amazing innovative light fixture that would bring your room to life?

For more information on the innovative light fixture Manta Rei, visit the official websites of its creators, Selux and ART+COM.

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