Take a Look Inside TITANIC II

2 April 2016

Have a look inside the to-be-wonder of the World – Titanic II

The Titanic was perhaps one of the seven wonders of the world of its time, owing to its vast structure and grandeur. While the majesty of the ocean liner ended with its maiden voyage, it has ever since become a legend, thanks to the epic disaster film of the same name made on it. The world is again set to experience the glory of the RMS Titanic through its exact replica – the Titanic II.

Ever since the film by James Cameron, the conception of rebuilding the Titanic has been in the news. After many failed attempts of the resurgence of the once largest ship, the project to replicate it as Titanic 2 was confirmed in April, 2012.

The biggest problem faced by the makers have been redesigning the very body of the ship keeping its features and interiors almost the same. Not only was it an economically giant project but also required master designers to plot out the very structure of the ship with equal precision as that of its predecessor along with enhanced safety measures combined with modern ship technology. The result was Titanic II.

Titanic 2.0, as it is popularly called by its admirers, was previously set to sail in 2016 following the same route from Southampton to New York, like the original Titanic. However, its production was halted and Titanic II’s maiden voyage was shifted to 2018 owing to financial crisis faced by the makers. As of now, Titanic II is a confirmed project with the ship under productions and its design being released to the public as insurance.

Titanic II is being built by Blue Star Line Pvt. Ltd.

Inside The Vivacious Titanic II | Titanic II by Blue Star Line
Titanic II by Blue Star Line | via cbsnews.com

The project of replicating RMS Titanic in the form of Titanic II was undertaken and subsequently announced by Blue Star Line’s Chairman, Clive Palmer. Often mocked by critics as an eccentric billionaire, Clive Palmer’s project of replicating the Titanic is one of the biggest re-creation idea ever conceived by the modern world.

Chinese shipyard CSC Jinling is the birthplace of Titanic II

Inside The Vivacious Titanic II | CSC Jinling shipyard in China
CSC Jinling shipyard in China | via sbico.sinotrans-csc.com

A huge ship needs a huge mother-hub for being built and the government-owned CSC Jinling shipyard in Nanjing, China, serves the very purpose.

Did you know that the previous attempt of replicating the Titanic undertaken by businessman, Sarel Gous, was abandoned due to lack of investments in the project?

The estimated cost of building the ship is about $500 million

Inside The Vivacious Titanic II | Titanic II interiors
Titanic II interiors | via telegraph.co.uk

The Titanic II isn’t just any other ocean liner but the to-be-largest one in the world. Owing to the gigantic size of the ship and the limitless extent of luxuries to be made available on it, investing $500 million (estimated cost) is completely justified. After all, Titanic II isn’t any common man’s dream.

Titanic II has an approximate tonnage of 56000 GT

Inside The Vivacious Titanic II | Titanic II
Titanic II | via vokrug.tv

If we say that the tonnage of the original Titanic was only 43000 GT, imagine how gigantic Titanic 2.0 can be with its 56000 GT tonnage.

Want to describe Titanic II in a few words? Bigger. Better. Safer.

Titanic’s design and interiors experts have been roped in for the project

Inside The Vivacious Titanic II | Titanic II Grand staircase
Titanic II Grand staircase| via chesterchronicle.co.uk

While Deltamarin Pvt. Ltd. are the chief designers of the Titanic II, chief Titanic designer, Steve Hall, has been roped in as a design consultant for the project. In order to replicate the interiors, Titanic interiors expert, Daniel Klistorner, has also been included to serve as a consultant. An extra safety deck is said to be added to the re-modelled structure.

What more can you expect in Titanic 2.0? Well, digital navigation as an technological improvement and for entertainment, casinos, shops, restaurants and even a theater. Yes, you heard me right! A 400 audience holding theater.

The accommodation capacity of Titanic 2.0 is 2400

Inside The Vivacious Titanic II | Titanic II interiors
Titanic II interiors | via q13fox.com

That sums up to 840 cabins over 9 floors with additional accommodation for its 900 members crew. How bigger can a ship be!

The ship will set sails exactly 106 years after the maiden voyage of the Titanic

Inside The Vivacious Titanic II | The original Titanic
The original Titanic | via a2z-support.com

With sincere condolences to those who lost their life from the tragic Titanic disaster, the Titanic II promises to live to the majesty of its predecessor and at the same time, take utmost care of those who believe in its greatness. The ultimate definition of luxury on sea, the Titanic 2.0 is set to embark on its maiden voyage from Jiangsu, China to Dubai, UAE in 2018. That’s exactly 106 years after the first and, unfortunately, the last voyage of the RMS Titanic.

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