This is How the Rich Kids of Dubai Spend their Money

17 July 2017

See How Instagram’s Rich Kids of Dubai Spend their Fortunes

Instagram’s rich kids of Dubai show off their glamorous lifestyle in shots they post on their Instagram accounts!

Why should you check it out? Simple, because you could use some motivation!

After you’ve seen how the rich kids of Instagram spent their summer vacation, we thought to show you how rich kids of Dubai spent their money.

The current of “Rich Kids of…” has inspired TV shows, websites and even books, and as expected variations of the theme keep coming up.

Now every privileged kid is posting snaps on Instagram about his/hers luxurious life.

There are many other profiles out there, including the Rich Kids of Hong Kong Instagram page, which has only 4,000 followers. It might be a small community but the page lets us see inside of what life is like for Asia’s elite.

And there is also the Rich Kids of Dubai where they showcase the lavish lives of the super-rich.

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The account showcases the life of young residents of Dubai and the way they spend their disposable cash.

Imagination creates reality. #?

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Dubai is also loved by celebrities like Bella Hadid!

Ciao Bella ? @bellahadid #richkidsofdubai #richkids #richkidsofinstagram #mydubai #luxury #thegoodlife #thefablife #thedream

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Among the posts showcased are flashy yachts, endless shoe collections and rather rare choice of pets, such as cheetahs.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is the perfect place to find all that, because the city is famous for its luxury hotels and lavish shopping destinations. The city is no place to be if you don’t have a lot of money, which is clearly seen here:

Even the camels are enjoying it!

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As expected, money is not a problem for the kids featured on the account, whose impressive supply of disposable cash let them enjoying all kinds of things in the United Arab Emirates.

The Instagram account, has already over 160,000 followers, who are seeing first the life the wealthy kids of Dubai are living.

Dubai winter ? @ambercolundd #richkidsofdubai #richkids #mydubai #luxury #thegoodlife #thefablife #thedream #richkidsofinstagram

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While most teenagers reserve their Instagram for the odd casual selfie, the photos featured on the account see the rich kids enjoying extraordinary lives.

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Like you see, these kids are no ordinary kids, like the Instagram’s description reads:  “We feature Dubai’s most fabulous people! Dubai Cars, Dubai Fashion, Dubai Property THE DUBAI DREAM’.

This is my personal favorite:

With a bio like that the account re-posts images from Instagram users living some of the most extravagant lifestyles in Dubai.

What do you think about this trend? Do you follow the accounts? We are so motivated right now after we’ve seen how lavish their lives are, which is why we showed it to you too!

** If you are wondering what other things Dubai hides, you should probably watch this video: