15 Things That Become More Interesting as You Get Older

20 February 2021

Everyone Is Scared of Old Age. But It Isn’t All That Bad. Here Are a Few Things That Get More Interesting as You Get Older.

Getting older is a privilege denied to many.

Aluxers, let that sink in. We repeat, getting old is a privilege denied to many.

And Aluxers, getting old is a wild ride where things can get incredibly interesting!

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Your Tribe Becomes More Diverse

When you’re getting older, no longer are you obligated to hang out with the perceived “cool” kids. The “in” crowd or the peers that you believe are going to take you higher on the social ladder.

In fact, as you get older, there are no ladders you need to climb. Your friends become a melting pot of different cultures, race, ethnicities, genders, political views, sexual orientations and more. You’ll enrich your lifestyle, expand your experiences and meet people that match your vibrations.

You have a tribe that you love, and they love you, regardless of your past, and that Aluxers, is a sweet place to be.


No Moment Is Ordinary

As you age, you start to appreciate the little things. It’s like getting a new lease on life, except you acknowledge everything that was already there, you were just too busy to notice it.

The birds tousling to get to the bird feeder becomes better than watching television, hearing the neighbour’s kids scream with laughter becomes a joy instead of an irritation and even just opening a new jar of peanut butter becomes an extra-ordinary moment.

Things we took for granted gain new meaning.

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There Is No Single Truth

Aluxers, we’ve always been told there are 3 sides to a story… his side, her side and the truth. But we call bullsh*t on that. The thing is, we all see life from different perspectives. So, as an example – a couple fighting would see the situation differently. There would be her truth and there would be his truth… and both are ultimately the truth.

As Oscar Wilde said, “the truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

The more you are getting older, the more you realize that the truth has many grey areas. So get your colour palette ready to embrace all the shades.  


You Can Afford to Eat Ice-Cream for Breakfast, but Don’t Because You’re an Adult

Remember when you were a kid and you used to make up these crazy scenarios in your head.

Imagine the mountains was made up of ice-cream and jellybeans, and your bed was a squishy chocolate cake with buttercream icing that you could just roll over and bite anytime you pleased and that the rivers and streams were filled with Slush Puppie…

When you’re an adult, you finally have the money to spend on all these delectable treats. You could literally eat candy for breakfast, and no one would judge… ok, maybe just a little… but the funny thing is, you don’t… why? Because you’re a grown as* adult who knows better!

Plus, have you been to the dentist lately? You’ll need to mortgage your house to be able to afford the fillings.


Despite All Our “Differences” You Realize We Are All the Same

Stephen Hawking once said, “We are all different. There is no such thing as a standard or run-of-the-mill human being, but we share the same human spirit.”

If you ask people what they most want out of life, what do you believe is the most common answer?

Forbes.com published an article titled, The Top 8 Things People Desperately Desire But Can’t Seem To Attain,” written by Kathy Caprino.

She confirmed the most desirable thing in life is happiness. We all want it. Then money, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfilment, and finally confidence.

She’s bang on point. So, how different are we really? As we are getting older, we understand there is little difference between all of us.


Your Sleep

Sleep, or lack thereof, becomes far more interesting the older you get.

You come to a point where you finally realize how much you value your sleep, and how important sleep is for you to keep functioning at your optimum.

Let’s get the elephant out the room. The older you get, the more you need to pee in the middle of the night. We’ve said it, now let’s move on… unless you need a loo break, in which case, we’ll pause… 

There’s a myth that states older people need less sleep, but this has been disproven by the National Institution on Aging. Sleepfoundation.org confirms that between “40% and 70% of older adults have chronic sleep issues.” Along with the increased need to pee, there’s pain, insomnia, sleep apnoea and restless legs syndrome.

But before you fall asleep, let’s move on to number 7!


Sh*t Doesn’t Just Happen

We are the creators of our own sh*t. While getting older, if you trace back the history of the supposed sh*t, you’ll finally realize that a lot of it is self-created. It is all mostly led by our intents, beliefs and so on.

Even things that could be dubbed as “accidents” are all part of the learning journey… so your parents weren’t speaking cr*p when they imparted similar advice.

Take the quote by John Legend, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,” even that deviation is meant to be.

You could also compare it to a river. In this example, our river takes us to the ocean. That’s it’s soul purpose. But on its journey, it will experience floods, droughts, ebbs and flows, bird poop, canoeists, pollution, and whatever else you can think of.

We highly recommend you listen to Why Sh-t Happens, The Science of a Really Bad Day, By: Peter J. Bentley Ph.D. Listen to it on audible.com.


You Realize There Is No Such Thing as Karma

What goes around comes around.

Karma is a bit*h.

Karma will bite you in the bum.

We’re always believing that someone who is wrong or has wronged us, will get their due course. Rubbish Aluxers, because if that was truly the case, the “baddies” would never succeed.

Innocent people do get hurt.

Children are born to endure hardship and die.

Bad people succeed.

As you age, you learn to protect and fight for those who need that help, like the children we just mentioned.  


You Love Your Pets More Than People

In our video, 15 Biggest Costs in Life, we mentioned how people are spending more money on their pets than ever before. We quoted the nytimes.com when contributor, Ann Carrns wrote our pets are, “members of the family, feeding them gourmet food, paying for day care and throwing them birthday parties.”

Our pets do give us unconditional love at any age, but as we mature, we find ourselves relying on them even more for comfort, support, company and friendship.

Businessinsider confirms that “people really do love dogs more than other humans.” This was suggested in a study published in the journal, Society and Animals, where they said, “people are more empathetic towards dogs than fellow humans.” This is a fact about getting older that’s good for our fuzzy little friends.


You Begin to Think About the Legacy You Want to Leave Behind

Aluxers, when you’re young – this is the furthest thing from your mind but as you get older, you begin to question how you want to be remembered.

Do you want people to remember you as the guy who always interrupted everyone, or the girl who threw tasteless jokes? That’s not at all how us Aluxers want to be remembered.

So, it’s time to start planting the seeds to leave a great legacy.

Sciencecare.com suggests doing these 8 things:

  •         Write down family traditions
  •         Recall and scribe some family stories
  •         Write down stories about you
  •         Pass along skills
  •         Write down family recipes
  •         Note who’s who in family photos
  •         Start your family tree

Leave something special and meaningful of yourself behind rather than have a priest who can’t even pronounce your name at your own funeral.


You Realize That All Those Years Trying to Impress People Was a Waste of Time

And the frustrating thing is, Aluxers, that this isn’t a revelation that comes with getting older. We know this when we’re young – but it’s pretty dam* hard to not give a flying fig, isn’t it?

But when you’re a grown-up, you’re finally in a place where you realize you can’t really change how you look, so you either suck it up and get on with your life, or you’re just going to be unhappy every day, and that is also a complete waste of time.

And if we take this realization further, we understand that people who were critical had more self-confidence issues than we did and the others were too worried about themselves to give a sh*t about us… like Dr Seuss said, “be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Want to know what else is a waste of time? Check out 15 Biggest Time Wasters in Life.


Your Parents… You Realize They’re Only Human and Tried Their Best

Aluxers, we are so hard on our parents when we are growing up. We believe they don’t know what they’re doing, or they are too hard on you – you can pick from the million horrible things youngsters have said about their parents.

But then, fast-forward the clock, you’re a parent yourself and wow, has life suddenly become very interesting. And you catch yourself saying or doing something exactly like your mom or dad… And then it hits you, my parents were not that bad. They tried their best.

Truth is that most people only realize this when they are parents themselves… luckily our own parents are always there to support us when we go through that intense journey of parenting ourselves.


You Can Finally Buy That Item You Always Wanted

When you finally have a little cash available and you’re not drowning in student debt, you can buy that one special item you’ve wanted since… forever.

A boat, camper van, antique dresser, or painting. It doesn’t matter, it’s yours now – and you deserve it. You’ve waited long enough as you were getting older, that’s for sure.


You Can Change

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… we say, to he*k with that. You never have to stop learning or growing, because if you resign yourself to the fact that you’re “old” then, Aluxers, you will be old.

But as you age and you remain open to new experiences and opportunities, you become more interesting, more approachable, and more fun to be around.

Say Yes, Aluxers, to all the experiences.


Death Becomes More Normal

Giovanni Falcone once said, “He who doesn’t fear death dies only once.”

We all die – yet it’s one of the things we fear the most. But getting older, you start ticking off things off your bucket list, you get a sense of peace about dying. And as you realize your friends and family are thriving and doing well, you again feel a sense of peace.

And as we said right in the beginning, aging is a privilege denied to many. So, enjoy the experience and age gracefully, like only you can Aluxers.


What were you doing when it dawned on you that you are just like your mom or your dad? We’d love to hear from you!