15 Things You Didn’t Know about Ivanka Trump

13 March 2017

Now, Ivanka Trump is the first daughter of the United States. And these are fifteen facts you should know about her.

The 2016 US Presidential Election was probably the most talked about in the social media era. So when her father, Donald Trump, became the president elect, Ivanka Trump has been sharing the spotlight ever since.

But who is Ivanka Trump other than the daughter of one of the richest and most powerful men in the world?

We mostly know her as a model. And when a model has a billionaire father, she would most likely launch her own fashion brand. That’s exactly what Ivanka did. And so she has the formula to be among the rich and famous.

The path of being rich and famous will mostly lead you into either inspirational or controversial life. Which one is it for her? Let’s find out through these pages of fifteen facts about Ivanka Trump.

15. How did she start it all?

15 Things You Didn't Know about Ivanka Trump | #15. How did she start it all?
15 Things You Didn’t Know about Ivanka Trump | #15. How did she start it all? | source: truefinder.org

Born as a rich girl, Ivanka Trump maintains her good look. And so she became a model. Her magazine cover debut was back in 1997. Then, she walked fashion runways for well-known designers like Versace and Marc Bouwer.

As she continued her modeling career, her interest in entrepreneurship started to bloom (or she finally listened to her dad). She launched her own jewelry line about ten years ago. It was a form of partnership with Dynamic Diamond Corp in Manhattan, New York. And she opened her retail store there.

Now that she has her own fashion brand, she models mostly for her products only. Often times, she is spotted wearing expensive clothing and accessories. Duh, had Donald Trump fathered us, wouldn’t we all do the same?

Ivanka has also been featured in many world-renowned magazines’ cover. Among them are Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, and Elle Mexico.

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