J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume

7 May 2014

J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume

Do you know which J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume was?

What to know what kind of fragrance the ex-President preferred? Join us as we find out the story behind the aroma.

Last year in the fall was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Leave the regrets behind and wear his favourite perfume in his honour.

The J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume was re-released for the first time in 60 years.

This particular perfume has an interesting story that begun in the 1937s.

It was the time when the ex President was a young college student. While he was enjoying the weather and relaxing on the French Riviera he discovered the scent.

J.F.Kennedy's’ Favourite Perfume - Eight & Bob
J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume – Eight & Bo

It was a short conversation with a Frenchman named Albert Fouquet. The scent caught John senses and asked the Frenchman about the fragrance he was wearing.

Fouquet said that he embraced the perfume area of making the scent. The legend says that he left a sample at JFK’s hotel and this simple note was attached to it: “In this jar, you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks”.

J.F.Kennedy's’ Favourite Perfume - Eight & Bob
J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume – Eight & Bob

The story continues as the legend say, Kennedy brought the fragrance back with him and all his friends like it.

He wrote Fouquet a letter saying that all his friends were in love about the scent and if he could send eight samples and “If your production allows another one for Bob”.

J.F.Kennedy's’ Favourite Perfume - Eight & Bob 2
J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume – Eight & Bob

Who was this Bob? It was the ex-President younger brother Robert Kennedy.

The Frenchman agreed and sent several samples all bottled in boxes decorated with the same pattern as the shirt John F. Kennedy wore when they met.

So that’s how the “Eight & Bob” perfume was born. In the next few months the perfume gained lots of fans and Fouquet began receiving letters with requests for the cologne from Cary Grant and James Stewart and other famous Hollywood stars.

J.F.Kennedy's’ Favourite Perfume - Eight & Bob 6
J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume – Eight & Bob

Because of Fouquet death the production of the perfume was in the hands of his butler Philippe who knew how to make the formula.

The book package came in the WWII when Philippe tried to hide the bottle from the Nazis people, so he cut a book and put the bottle in there.

J.F.Kennedy's’ Favourite Perfume- Eight & Bob 3
J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume – Eight & Bob

Eventually the formula was recovered by Philippe’s family and “Eight & Bob” hit the market again after 60 years of absence.

No one knows the ingredients except for the family, but we do know for sure that it contains extracts of the “Andrea” plant, a plant that the ex-President itself discovered when he was on a trip to Chile.

A bottle of “Eight & Bob” sells for $195 in a hard cover book that contains novel-quality paper.

J.F.Kennedy's’ Favourite Perfume - Eight & Bob
J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume – Eight & Bob

This was quite a story, right? Do you think is true?

Would you like to smell like Kennedy? Is a unisex perfume which was often described as having a “woody vanilla” scent.

It is not one of the most expensive perfumes in the world, but sure it’s one with the greatest story behind.

So, tell us your opinion about the J.F.Kennedy’s’ Favourite Perfume. Leave behind Rihanna’s perfume and buy this one instead, with a great chance to smell like an ex-President.